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I Hate Marketing I Hate Marketing is a new weekly<a href=""> Stareable Film School</a> column, where we’ll talk about how to make marketing easier, even for those of us who hate it. LeMay Makes A Series “This is a weekly column by me, Alex LeMay, a series creator, director and showrunner for digital studios like Endemol Beyond, YouTube Red, as well as founder of <a href=""></a>. Each week I’ll let you in behind the scenes of my latest project, DARK JOEY. DARK JOEY is a collaboration between myself and writer Jim Uhls, who wrote the major motion picture, FIGHT CLUB, as well as his writing partner Ric Krause.” - <a class="mention" href="/u/alex_lemay">@Alex_LeMay</a> Stareable's Guide To Creating A Web Series Stareable's soup-to-nuts guide to creating a web series from scratch. What Do You Do Again? “What Do You Do Again?” is Stareable’s new weekly column profiling the different film production roles. What roles should we profile next? Let me know in the comments! Lessons Learnt A weekly column from the creators of <a href="">Out of It</a> (<a class="mention" href="/u/out_of_it">@Out_of_It</a>), about all the lessons they learned making their first web series.
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