What are your creative goals for June?

(Bri Castellini) #1

Let’s keep each other accountable again! (and congrats to all the May goal-keepers!)

What are your creative goals for this month?

Mine are:

  • New picture cut for my latest short horror film “Buy In”
  • Start finalizing the sound mix for Buy In
  • Launch Seed&Spark campaign for Sam and Pat season 2!
  • Close-caption the Brains EU miniseries “dusk of the dead”
  • Get 25 unique posts on this thread

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(Joseph Steven Heath) #2
  • The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Edit and Upload Terror of the Zygons.
  • WoR: Watch, Record,GIF, and Edit Planet of Evil.
  • Figure out what I’m doing with My Two Clones.
  • Figure out what I’m doing with the Road Trippy script.
  • Record more commentaries.
  • Write at least 5 pages of a screenplay.

(Kyla) #3

got all this on top of exam season + two new classes!!! let’s go boys!!!

  • film 2 school scenes
  • film 11 non-school scenes
  • wrap production (!!!)
  • take promo photos
  • continue posting stareable articles
  • continue posting regularly on instagram and twitter
  • set up our tumblr
  • release new teaser trailer
  • talk to potential editors
  • shoot short film for english ISU
  • start writing potential summer project

(Ray Robinson) #4
  • Film the remaining scenes of Deliver ME with the driver behind the wheel, as well as the commercials/YouTube subscribe reminders
  • Start submitting for imdb credit (advice welcome!)
  • Try to find another media partner or two
  • Get Hootsuite up and running to automate more, now that we’re getting closer to release
  • Elective - secure a venue for the release party (that’s more on my lead actor, but I gotta dog him)
  • Elective - get to editing the Lincoln’s duel movie (holdover from last month)

(Bri Castellini) #5

IMDb is actually pretty easy! I wrote about it in a section of this blog:

Let me know if you need any other advice!

(lifecoachedseries) #6
  • finish rewrites on the full length pilot of LC

  • refine our pitch for the full length version of LC

  • get to 10k views (between the two web eps) on YouTube

  • Set up my first bi-monthly writers/actors group in LA. :slight_smile:

  • Rough cut edit of a Food Network show

(Herman Wang) #7
  • One shoot down already
  • 3 more shooting days this month
  • Start assembling that footage into episodes
  • Promo work for Rob Knox Film Festival
  • Continue prep work for LeakyCon

(Kallum Weyman) #8

Oh god, we are already 11 days into June that’s scary. My goals are simple.

  1. Schedule a cast read-through between America, Canada and Australia which is going to be a fun math question.
  2. Hand over actors to the director and writer to begin working on the character.
  3. Write up a contract for each actor.
  4. Maybe start work on writing a script.

(Bri Castellini) #9