What are your creative goals for May?

(Bri Castellini) #1

Let’s keep each other accountable again! (and congrats to all the April goal-keepers!)

What are your creative goals for this month?

Mine are:

  • New picture cut for my latest short horror film “Buy In”
  • Start finalizing the sound mix for Buy In
  • Finalize crew for Sam and Pat season 2 so we can start pre-pro
  • Close-caption the Brains EU miniseries “dusk of the dead”
  • Get 25 unique posts on this thread

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(Herman Wang) #2
  • Try to get more of the Spell Tutor shooting schedule nailed down
  • Review prop list and get any missing items
  • Hang out with Bri at Toronto Web Fest (even though we didn’t get in :frowning: )

(Kallum Weyman) #3
  • Fully cast The Sojourn Pilot

  • Write and prepare some pre-launch material

  • Begin Production of the Sojourn Pilot

  • (Optional) Write a project of my own

(Kyla) #4

despite not reaching last month’s goals, I continue to be absolutely insane…

  • film 4 school scenes (6 planned)
  • film 8 non-school scenes (15 planned)
  • schedule final shoots for june
  • become active on our tumblr
  • be consistently active on twitter & instagram
  • continue to post stareable columns
  • continue conversations with those interested in editing
  • release new teaser trailer?
  • figure out what to do with our cast issues (that’ll be fun)
  • outline new film idea
  • figure out what film project to do this summer & start pre-production

(Bri Castellini) #5

:frowning: indeed, but also :slight_smile: WE WILL PARTY THE PAIN AWAY!!

(Bri Castellini) #6

hey are you planning on trying to come by the TO Webfest? And if not… what are you doing the Thursday beforehand? :wink:

(Kyla) #7

I’m super out of touch and didn’t know it was even a thing omg but I’m looking into it right now & messaging my toronto friends! and I have no plans that thursday because I have no life but I have school the next day because I’m basically a toddler sooooo

(Ray Robinson) #8

May 20 is our first filming day - should get 1/3 of it in the can.
Also tackling this month - writing the commercial for a media partner, speaking at a gathering of businesses that support the arts to ask for media help.
And an elective - work on the 2nd draft of my short film about Abe Lincoln’s dual.

(Joseph Steven Heath) #9
  • The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Upload Genesis of the Daleks.
  • WoR: Edit and Upload Revenge of the Cybermen.
  • WoR: Record, GIF, and Edit Tank Girl Special.
  • WoR: Edit and Upload The Dalek Book.
  • Figure out what I’m doing with My Two Clones.
  • Figure out what I’m doing with the Road Trippy script.

(Gordon McAlpin) #10

I’m hoping to post the next (and final?) web series episode of Multiplex 10’s first batch of episodes. That’s allllmost done, so it’ll be easy. :slight_smile:

Then I want to produce at least one installment of a “Multiplex 10 Movie Minute” movie review series (a companion series to Multiplex 10 that I’m hoping I can produce faster and cheaper).

And I want to get the some work done toward a pitch video for a Multiplex 10 web series Kickstarter.

(Melissa Malone) #11

May is gonna be tough…

  • Get the new season green lit on Seed & Spark- the toughest and most nerve wracking of my May goals.
  • Lock filming locations for the new season.
  • Lock the shoot schedule for summer and get it out to cast/crew.
  • Finalize the shooting script for new season and get it out to cast/crew.
  • Pull together our “killer karaoke” fundraiser for May 31
  • Not have a nervous breakdown…? :worried:

(Alyssa Appleton) #12
  • Launch our trailer for Total Party Kill - technically this is done, we did it yesterday. If you’d like to check it out, you can here
  • Grow our social media for TPK
  • Finish my application for the ABC Writer’s Program
  • Figure out how in the world to use Tumblr (this has evaded me for so, so long)
  • Get started on a new pilot idea that’s been kicking around in my head for a bit.

(Erica) #13

A little late in replying, but as I am working on some of this today and want to throw this out into the Universe to hold myself accountable, here it is.

May is Pitch Month for us. We are focusing on getting proper funding together to film more seasons of Naturally Ours. In that bent:

  • I need to finish a pitch document for a version of Naturally Ours for BC’s 150th Birthday.

  • At the end of the month, I will be attending a travel conference and have meetings booked with a number of tourism boards and other travel entities, so I need to research each and make notes for each of the meetings

  • Follow up on some of our Speed Dating meetings from Vancouver Web Fest.

  • We have a new historical documentary series idea that I need to spend some time developing and exploring if it would make sense to work on as a project for my Masters.

I am sure there are other things I should be working on too, but these are a few of the main items.

(Gordon McAlpin) #14

Two down, one to go! :smiley:

(Ray Robinson) #15

Also two down, one to go. Not without problems - none insurmountable, but I fear reshoots may be in order. Will know more once my editor gets ahold of the footage and sound.