4k Iphones...have you used one? Do you? Is it considered professional?

(Evie Marie Warner) #1

Where I am from, I know of people that would role their eyes at me if I filmed with a phone, even if it is 4k. My DP who has a 4k phone and he doesn’t use it for anything else but filming. I tend to think, there are a bunch of camcorders that boast 4k on amazon, why not use one of them if you are going to shill money for something that is 4k? My experience with a phone is some things are harder. Getting the right exposure. Keeping people in focus.

And some DP’s can tell you when something was filmed on an Iphone. They can tell the difference. I have a hard enough time getting people to take me seriously. And some of the filmmaker groups on facebook, I would just about get laughed out of the group.

I also have a fairly important guy coming from California to be an extra. I don’t think he would be impressed if I was shooting the episode he is in on an Iphone.

(Bri Castellini) #2

@Anthony_Ferraro? I dunno if Anthony’s used 4k but he’s made this:

(Herman Wang) #3

I’ve never shot with a phone, but it seems like you shouldn’t waste time concerning yourself with whether an extra (even a VIP one) is going to be impressed with your gear or not. I know many web series that shoot on phones and they get a reasonable picture quality.

Get the best gear you can and run with it. You’re there to do the work, not to impress people.

My series was shot on a camera with a lousy depth of field, but our work speaks for itself more than our gear list.

(Evie Marie Warner) #4

For the most, I agree. I am not a gearhead. um…i do feel like impressing people at this stage in my career is important b/c I want to increase my audience. The next time I do an indiegogo I want them to say,“I like what you did with the 25 bucks I gave you last time. Here’s some more!” This guy has donated quite a bit of money thus ifar and equipment. I wouldnt’ be making series at all if it wasn’t for him. What he thinks matters. Just the way it is. On another project, I might not care so much. Sure. I would be like, “Lets use a mobile smart phone!”

But also, my computer doesn’t handle 4k camera footage very well. Some times even when I make a proxie of it, it gives me fits. So that is another issue to take into consideration when I consider what I shoot with. A standard HD camera even if it is a phone) is a much better choice than 4k.

(Herman Wang) #5

I can understand needing to impress people :slight_smile: But they’re more going to be impressed with your output, not the gear itself. If the show is watchable, who cares what the gear was?

So - if the 4K phone has a high-quality picture (which has more to do with the lens than the resolution), maybe just see if it can “shoot down” at HD. So you’ll still get high picture quality at a file size your computer can handle.