A Little Love for Stareable in my Talk Last Night

(Erica) #1

Just thought I would share that last night’s presentation on ‘Developing Web Series Around Your Travels’ went well and was a lot of fun to give. It kind of felt like I had the Stareable Community in the room with me, which gave me a huge smile.

Here are a few pics from the talk that involved the Stareable Community:

Advice from @SecretLivesPS

Words of wisdom from @spectatorspork

A little love for @stareable

Exciting news from the day, after Kelly (our director) and I have continually been turned down for grants on our series, Kelly got a grant yesterday to make a short film. I am not involved in this film with her, but I am as thrilled for her, as I would be if this were a project of my own, so I wanted to share that joy with the room.

Oh, and my hat off to the BC Association of Travel Writers, who booked a brewery for me to speak in!



Oh, and I also shared episodes of @SecretLivesPS and @spectatorspork’s series, which it was a delight to listen to the rooms reactions to.

Thanks everyone for your input! You helped make for a great night! @SecretLivesPS @spectatorspork @w-e-spear @Bri_Castellini

(Amen J.) #2

Wow, this is cool! Great presentation and thanks for sharing all our series’ episodes :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #3

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!! Gosh we sure do have some smarties on this site huh :slight_smile:

(Erica) #4

It really was a delight to, and your advice made for a much richer presentation, Amen.

(Erica) #5

Yeah, there are definitely some cool kids here. I’m glad Lori (my co-producer on Naturally Ours) found Stareable, and kept reminding me to check it out and submit our series. Also very appreciative of all you do, Bri, in connecting the community.

(William E. Spear) #6

Erica @EricaHargreave - Best wishes for success.

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(Erica) #8

Thanks William!

(Erica) #9

Thanks for the chuckle.