Albert Beniada - Executive Director of Filmshop

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Signal boost! This might have gotten lost in the shuffle :slight_smile:

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Alright folks that about does it for today’s AMA! Huge big thanks to Albert Beniada for being here today! If he has a few extra minutes he’s free to finish up answering questions, but in any case, here are his links:

You can read more about Filmshop here:

You can stay in touch with me directly here ( and here (

And thanks so much again, Albert!

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Thanks, Albert!

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Thanks Bri! And thanks for your question. I think it starts with each of us as content creators putting our stories on the page, and banding together to get those stories made. One of Filmshop’s values as an organization to help each of our members tell their personal stories and to support voices that are not often heard in the mainstream. Shouts to Stareable for their work showcasing so many diverse voices too. Thanks for having me.