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Your team. Find people who are awesome and who care as much as you do. And keep things small. Contained. It doesn’t cost a ton to make something look beautiful. The key is what you say ‘no’ to - we had to cut entire episodes because they didn’t make sense financially. So just know what the heart of the show is and keep that. For us, that was their relationship - the interactions of Sam and Emily. Everything else could go, but if we kept that, we were cruising.

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haha ummmmmm don’t give line reads. I hate those.

Don’t think about it as acting. Think about it as who is this person. Make it a conversation. Let the actor take chances. encourage failure, encourage risk. We are here to experiment and fuck around. If you are calm, they will be calm. If you are stressed, they will be stressed.

Love em like family, and youll be fine. I think directors can go one of two ways, towards love or towards hate - go towards love.

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He answered earlier in the thread I think :slight_smile:

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@HailstoneHarper unsubtleCOUGH

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lmao thanks Bri!

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Treat it like a business. Have a really good business plan for how you will get a return, and understand that the risks are still high. MORE THAN ANYTHING know who your audience is. If you know who they are, and can connect with them, everything else (I think), becomes very easy.

Everyone wants a sure thing in this town, so give them one. Once you come with an audience, no one can stop you.

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Alright folks that’s our hour. HUGE big thank you to @Alex_Dobrenko for being here and being so lovely today! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say we’d love to see you in the forums more often :slight_smile:

Check out his new series Distance here:

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Thank you Alex!

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WHAT AN HOUR JUST WENT BY?? have I missed any questions?? God it feels like 5 minutes. Y’all ask good questions :blush:

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thanks man! good luck with everything!

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just mine I think but it was like a weird phrase so :slight_smile:

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Ah hi Meg! Yeah so…its all important? Just depends on what is available to you. We did a few live screenings, which I think were super important. And e-mail newsletters. I would pick a few key areas and dive deep on them. Versus doing everything.

Like late in the 4th quarter before we released, I decided to try and get us on Tumblr. It was a disaster. The kids these days! So I just said “ok, we gotta let that go.” and we did.

You can’t be everywhere all the time. And you don’t need to be!

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YALL ! Thank you so much for having me - that was genuinely fun and reminded me that maybe I do know more than absolutely nothing (as you all do too!).

I gotta run catch a flight but I’ll check back here later if you have more questions. Also please feel free to email me with anything you wanna chat about - WE GOTTA HELP EACH OTHER -

And of course I gotta keep up my hustle and say - please watch distance!