Alicia J. Rose - AMA The Benefits of Gusbandry Web Series Creator, Serial Crowdfunder and guerrilla marketer!

(Alicia J Rose) #21

also something i’ve learned - try to crowd fund and produce your show in the same calendar year. otherwise the tax man cometh WHICH SUCKS

(Jaime Lancaster) #22

Relentless communication with who? Your team? Your contacts? The donors themselves? Can you expand?

(Blair Hunter) #23

Guerilla marketing question! How did you get your NY Times and Entertainment Weekly write-ups?

(Alicia J Rose) #24

You’ve got to keep up on your socials. Keep posting and talking to your audience even/ESPECIIALLY when you aren’t asking them for money. But you can ask them to share! We would keep up on newsletters and tweeting and instagraming - just keeping the flames alive.

(Ollie R) #25

What is your marketing strategy? How do you reach viewers and actually keep them instead of just getting monkeys to click a link and then leave and never engage?

(Alicia J Rose) #26

Our fanbase. Growing a fanbase is crucial to having more and more success on every level. It can be slow and tedious especially when you don’t have a “viral” moment, but they stick around.

(Meg Carroway) #27

What kinds of things did you post and how did you avoid burnout? Also… what did you put in newsletter if you were between productions/big announcements?

(Alicia J Rose) #28

Well, we hired a RAD publicist - shout out to Heidi Vanderlee at Shark Party Media - who pitched them over and over until they said yes. Having a full season really seemed to help. Critics Choice (NY TIMES) wound up giving us a stellar review on the day our Season Finale premiered in 2016 THAT DIDN’T SUCK

(Alicia J Rose) #29

Well, our show The Benefits of Gusbandry is GAY, FEMINIST and FUNNY AF. So We would post about gay, feminist, funny things ,becoming a hub for our audience. Not just for our show but for like minded souls.

(Bri Castellini) #30

So what would you tell people without the funds to hire a publicist? How can they get the attention of press?

(Ollie R) #31

What does that look like, tho, in practical terms? Would you retweet those sorts of things, or would you make your own content, or what?

(Alicia J Rose) #32

we call it "community building"
choosing a topic/subject for your series that has some ZEITGEIST to it really helps. AT times we felt more like we were helping fluff along a movement about gay/straight alliance than promoting a show.

(Hailey Harper) #33

You’re a director! Do you have any tips for a new director? Especially because I’m not super confident about camera angles and technical stuff but I still want to make something that looks good and isn’t just good because of actors (who I’m really confident about in terms of my directing)

(Alicia J Rose) #34

Good questions. Our show is made locally, so we do fun shit that is fun to photograph. Like we marched in pride, did workshops, funny bits via video and photo that kept fans engaged. Our stars would/will do most anything to help the show. so we worked them. hard and still do.

(Bri Castellini) #35

This one got lost in the shuffle! Signal boost! :slight_smile:

(Alicia J Rose) #36

Both. A strategic retweet is always good, but making short videos or posts helps. We did TONS of BTS shooting on this last round of production that will help keep the promo coffers full for a while. BE A CHIPMUNK

(Meg Carroway) #37

Did you guys plan all that? did you like sit down and make a plan for what and when to post stuff?

(Alicia J Rose) #38

I wanted to make it myself so i would have TOTAL CONTROL over it and make it the way I wanted to do it. Of course its a huge collaboration. Thats the other reason - I could choose my collaborators.

Also yes we could have pitched it, but it would maybe never have been made. Like many directors, at the time we started I REALLY wanted a project that would help define my POV as an auteur, a woman, a storyteller, AN ACTIVIST.

(Bri Castellini) #39

FYI I’m also gonna be highlighting unanswered questions in yellow so it’s easier to spot them!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #40

How have you adapted to the changing social media landscape? Currently, FB hides almost all of anything a page posts unless they pay and groups tend to turn into link dumps, so how have you strategized “against the algorithm” as it were?