Alicia J. Rose - AMA The Benefits of Gusbandry Web Series Creator, Serial Crowdfunder and guerrilla marketer!

(Alicia J Rose) #41

Hey! Welcome to the club!

I don’t have much formal film training, but I spent 20 years as a professional photographer, which helped me understand how to make things look beautiful.

Second - TAKE A CLASS - my local spot is NW Film Center in Portland - I took ONE class and it helped me get enough basics to brush up my skills.
Third - MAKE FILM. Make music videos, short films, anything that gets your brain into the game. Eventually they’ll get good and you will have lots of ideas about making bigger things!

(Jaime Lancaster) #42

From a producing perspective (I’m an aspiring one!)- how do you make your budget and stretch it to make your show the way you want without totally breaking your bank account? I really want to produce high quality things but our budgets are SO limited, even for really simple projects!

(Alicia J Rose) #43

I have tried to have interns but they get lazy cause we can’t pay them. I tend to do it mostly myself, and its kind of fluid. If i make plans its broad, but I try to keep nimble based on the day and what we are trying to whip up attention wise.

(Meg Carroway) #44

How do you keep up that momentum, then? I worry a lot about if I don’t plan social media I’ll be so MIA from it because it’s so hard to do that kind of stuff consistently off the cuff

(Alicia J Rose) #45

we pay for posts on fb. which sucks. but it helps. but cross posting helps a lot too. post on your project page, then on your own page, then instagram then twitter. ITS A PAINFUL ROUNDABOUT but it works.

(Bri Castellini) #46

Do you ever worry about spamming, since you’re crossposting the same thing to so many platforms? How do you vary it up to help with that/make people not annoyed and still want to engage when they see it? (also- there are a few missed questions if you scroll up further that I’ve highlighted for you!)

(Alicia J Rose) #47

Well, first - I DON’T GET PAID. And i do a ton of the work. The money we raise goes to pay for everyone else and everything we need. I sacrifice payment for ownership and it gives us more to work with. Also WRITE STRATEGICALLY. Keeping your production lean - few company moves, tight crew, smart writing really helps.

(Jane) #48

What was your biggest crowdfunding mistake and how would you go back and fix it (or fix it in the future)?

(Alicia J Rose) #49

Oh and we use a LOT of owner operators who rent us gear for cheap. we also have “sponsor” partnerships with local gear houses in PDX - shout out to Koerner Camera and Gearhead grip!

(Jaime Lancaster) #50

How did you get those sponsor partnerships? What was that process like?

(Jaime Lancaster) #51

I would also like to know this! We are struggling with this right now!

(Alicia J Rose) #52

Shit. I would say planning our most recent crowd funding campaign to launch November 15 - the week AFTER THE 2016 ELECTION. It was SO HARD to ask people for $$. I swear it almost killed me. And of course because we were all so shattered nobody wanted to help. So I felt like Don Quixote!

Biggest mistake though - funding in a different calendar year than production - we had to pay taxes that we wouldn’t have

(sam lockie-waring) #53

do you have any advice for not burning out when you’re doing twenty things at once and barely moving the needle, success-wise?

(Bri Castellini) #54

How did you persevere, then, and meet your goal? And can you talk more about how to get over the “mid campaign slump” that most, if not all, crowdfunding campaigns have?

(Alicia J Rose) #55

Well, if you don’t have $ for a publicist - DO YOUR OWN PRESS. Start locally. Build up a press pitch and send it to your local writers. Ask around from local film groups/networking for a press list -they are out there. Sometimes you can scare up a national list too. Then google how to write a press release. Write it yourself and send it out. DIY totally works.

(Bri Castellini) #56

What should go into a press pitch? And can you give any insight to what your cold emails sound like to press- particularly national press?

(Alicia J Rose) #57

well, my friends probably hate me a little, but i try to mix up the verbiage in the posts, mix up images. spread them out time-wise. only so many people look at the computer at the same time.

(Jaime Lancaster) #58

How did you build that fanbase? Can you give us an example, like a case-study style one?

(Alicia J Rose) #59

Well, you gotta do whats best for you. I"m a neurotic poster. some days i let it go, but then I like to keep my fans engaged so I’ll do a post or run an ad pointing people to binge watching or sharing with their friends. There’s no easy answer here. If you don’t have $ to hire someone, or a fan/intern who wants to help you just kind of have to deal and make it happen on your own. YOU ARE THE ENGINE.

(Jonathan Hardesty) #60

There are a lot of articles out there that tell you “how to pay for posts” but they all have varied info. What has worked for you guys with paying for your posts? I’ll admit, the interface doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.