Alicia J. Rose - AMA The Benefits of Gusbandry Web Series Creator, Serial Crowdfunder and guerrilla marketer!

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well if you are crowdfunding - you should be paying your cast and crew. even if its nominal like $50 or $100 a day that’s where your money should go. It creates loyalty and better work.

(Jaime Lancaster) #83

How did the real estate company find out about you? Did you just start cold-calling businesses?

(Alicia J Rose) #84

well there are a couple ways. AMASS A YOUTUBE FOLLOWING. We aren’t really that cool to the kids, so we never got the following of cute cat videos. If you are just a normal show and hope to make money on your project someday you gotta get it behind a paywall. The cool thing about Amazon Direct is that you can put a full season up there or a short or a feature and then point folks to it. ALSO seed and spark Cinema is RAD - their streaming rate is like 10X amazon. There are new ones every day. Do your research.

Also even with no $ you can do good lighting, COME ON!

(Meg Carroway) #85

I mean we are barely breaking even on FOOD costs, plus props and transport and equipment. Especially since our shoots last for a while and are often over the span of at least eight-nine days per cast member (and double that for crew) because of everyone’s schedules. Crowdfunding has always failed for us, too. Never made more than 1K at a time for a full season.

(Blair Hunter) #86

How do you do good lighting with no $?? No one on my crew knows how (even though we have access to a kit and have watched some videos on YT) and we can’t hire a person who DOES!

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The woman who owns the real estate co was a huge fan of the show. She contributed a $1K to the crowdfunding campaign and we turned it into something more baller with an EP credit and more $ to the show.

so having a show helps!! your fans are your biggest helpers and amplifiers

(Alicia J Rose) #89

you can buy one light and a china ball from amazon and have NOT SHITTY LIGHTING

(Blair Hunter) #90

Do you just… point it at them? (I’m not joking this has really been a HUGE issue for us because we don’t always have locations near good windows!)

(Alicia J Rose) #91

well its a personal thing i guess. one mildly crappy SLR and a china ball can do wonders. YOUTUBE anything you don’t know BECOME YOUR OWN GAFFER.

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take a photography class. or a film class LEARN IT ALL YOURSELF until u can afford to pay a profesh

(Blair Hunter) #94

I’ve actually seen that before! Our shots still look weird or the color is so off that we spend twice as much time trying to color correct as actually shoot it lol!

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Alright everyone, that about does it for today! HUGE big thanks to @Alicia_J_Rose for her time/expertise today! Check out her show on!

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Thank you @Alicia_J_Rose!

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I generally keep the targeting pretty geographic, our age range is like 18-60. what are the cities with big LGBTQ communities…? we go there.

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Thank you!!!

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