AMA - Angelique Toschi-LaRue, Digital and Social Media Marketing

I am a social media professional who is active in multiple social media communities. I use my BA in English from UCLA and MA in Mass Communications, Advertising from Cal State Fullerton to help me create strategies and write social media content for various clients across multiple industries. Some of my current and former clients in the entertainment industry have included The International Academy of Web Television, web series “Lenox Avenue”, and Transmedia LA.

Things I can give advise on are:

Social Media Strategy
Developing Marketing Plans
Creating a Marketing Budget and the Importance of doing so
Transmedia Strategy

Can’t wait to answer your questions!


Thanks so much for being here today, Angelique! First question from me is a sort of background one- When did you get into marketing and social media, and why do you love what you do?

Hi Angelique! What’s Transmedia LA?

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I got into marketing because I love to write and when looking at what I should do for graduate school I saw Advertising (and Communications) as something I could incorporate both writing and my love of telling stories into something more marketable. :slight_smile:

I love what I do cause I have always loved the internet and how it can be used to tell stores. Social Media is just another way to do that. And I’ve “lived” on the internet since I was in college so it was a natural transition for me.

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Hi Meg! Transmedia LA (now really Storyforward LA) is a group of people in the storytelling business that get together to talk about innovative ways to do so. It is now on hiatus but if you follow me on Twitter I will let you know when our next get together is. (You can follow me at )


Welcome!! what are you TOP THREE marketing tips for beginners?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Super cool! So you’ve done a lot of work in transmedia before? Any opinions on the best kinds/strategies for promoting them?

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Can you expand on how your marketing outlook incorporates storytelling? I think a lot of people have trouble with marketing because it seems to “blah” and “corporate”

Thanks for the question Sunny!

Honestly they would be:

  • Create a budget. Plan for marketing from the very beginning stages of creation so it’s not a surprise at the end.

  • Talk to your audience and be transparent. People love to see how stuff gets done! This will help you grow your audience from the start rather then waiting until your project is done.

  • Enlist the help of your team including talent. Leverage the audiences of EVERYONE that is working on the project.

  • BONUS - if you can hire someone to assist you, even if it is just them helping you draw up a strategy.


Hi Angelique! I’m working on being a producer and I would love to hear more about budgeting for marketing! What kinds of things do you think are MOST work budgeting for since we have like… no money. lol

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I’ve studied transmedia and have advised on some projects. I’ve also written on the subject quite a bit and it’s something I love.

Honestly the best way to incorporate it into your story is in a way that feels NATURAL. You have to ask yourself what are the organic extensions of your story - is it work tells a deep story and expands the universe (think Star Wars) or is it giving your characters a voice in media that your audience uses (think Lizzie Bennet Diaries). Once you know that - go from there. :slight_smile:


So Jenni Powell (@JenniPowell here on the forum!) recommended I reach out to you for this AMA and she was SO RIGHT! How did you meet Jenni, and why did you first get involved with web series?

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Story gives your audience a deeper connection with your property AND makes the marketing more sharable. Finding ways to incorporate it in your marketing (quotes, stills, things that entice people to learn more) goes a LONG way to promoting your work then just sharing a poster image and telling people to watch on specific day.

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Hey, thank you for coming by to speak with us and answer our questions. As a ballpark, how would you approach a marketing budget when you don’t have one? Specifically, if I can only put a small amount of money ($20/month tops) into marketing and social media, what is the best use of that to get the most impact?

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Do you think Twitter is the best sort of avenue for transmedia, or are there better ways of building your audience “in character” on other platforms? I feel like all I see are character Twitter accounts and I was wondering if that was because it’s the best or if it’s just the easiest haha

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An online ad budget - even if it is just for Facebook and Instagram ads is SO important.

Also, if you are new to marketing have a budget to hire someone. It will make ALL the difference! Even if it’s just to hire them to hand you a marketing strategy and plan you can execute.


Are Instagram ads good?? I’ve heard of FB ones before and have seen them in action but I’m kinda a noobie at Instagram still.

Can you talk more about building a marketing strategy? I’m a recent grad and nowhere near able to hire anyone and I want to try and learn as much DIY as possible anyways :slight_smile:

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I actually met Jenni through her work with and as part of the community for Lonelygirl15! That’s also how I got involved in webseries and the International Academy of Web Television. Being around like minded people was important to me as I saw the value of online storytelling.

As for how I found out about Lonelygirl15, I honestly read about it in an advertising text book in 2008!


Can you talk a little bit about Facebook ads? I’ve been tempted to use them, but everything about them confuses me. Not to mention they seem a bit pushy and kind of sketchy.

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That’s a super small monthly budget. I would probably focus on Facebook Ads and grow your community. Also driving people to an owned site that has your series on it (and where you can start to build a newsletter list) would be beneficial cause once you have information from people you can contact them directly, bypassing Facebook Algorithms.

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