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This is hard cause it differs vastly depending on the series. But if you have something that is for a very niche audience, show them why you are a part of their niche community. If you are talking games, share how your web series is about gamers.

Look at The Guild for examples. It was genius at becoming a part of the community of gamers. (Just an example)

(Hailey Harper) #42

Kind of going off of this… I am experiencing some SERIOUS social media burn out. How do you combat that and keep things fresh and interesting and also regular? (also hi and thank you so much!! This thread has been really helpful so far!)

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Unfortunately, the trend regarding web series is honestly not doing a lot of marketing and branding. Which is sadly why some AMAZING work goes unseen.

The best one (which is totally lightening in a bottle type stuff) is how The Lizzie Bennet Diaries launched on a major Jane Austen anniversary AND got picked up by not just niche media sites but also MAJOR publication sites. Part of that was the timing (completely by accident if you ask anyone involved) and also because it was GOOD and something that hadn’t been fully done before for a mass audience.

(Ollie R) #44

The Guild!! Probably my first web series. So good. I actually don’t remember how I heard about them though. Do you share “my show is about games” with them, literally? Or do you just try to jump on hashtags that are trending about gaming and personalize it for your show?

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While I LOVE being online. My honest combat for this is that I have a VERY analog and offline hobby in knitting. It also helps me relax and manage my anxiety. Highly recommend having something analog that you love doing and that forces you to go offline.

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Jump on hashtags, follow and start conversations with people who are influencial in that community.

(Bri Castellini) #47

In fairness, LBD was spearheaded/executive-produced by one of the most popular video bloggers on the internet which helped. So with that in mind, though, that people aren’t really doing marketing or branding, what do you wish more people were doing? Especially the people (many of whom are in this thread haha) who don’t have much of a budget after actually making their shows in the first place. What’s step one? Sending out press releases to niche sites? Aligning promotion with a current event that’s related? Redesigning your thumbnails to look nicer?

(Ollie R) #48

What if they ignore you?

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All of those are great suggestions and they should be good

But the key thing would be sending out compelling press releases and PR packets to sites that match your demographics. That would be the #1 first thing to do.

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #50

Keep trying. Start at the top, and if they don’t respond, move on to slightly smaller fish. Keep going until you connect with someone (or multiple) people who love your project as much as you do are want to share it with their audiences.

(Hailey Harper) #51

I actually crochet- yarn twinsies! My problem with burn out is more that I’m burned out by having to post. Like… I won’t have tweeted in a week and I just can’t think of anything new to post and it just feels so FRUITLESS after you’ve been trying and trying and following all the guides people write

(Bri Castellini) #52

What do you tend to include in PR packets? Anything that might surprise us? (that was not an attempt for clickbait hahaha)

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Just wanted to address this cause it’s totally true. BUT, I didn’t watch Hank Green before LBD (or honestly after). While I did have a personal connection, friendships with Jenni, Bernie, and some of the cast, I would have watched this show regardless cause it appeals to me as a former English major.

That being said I have definitely shared this with many friends who would have had NO idea about it otherwise and gotten them hooked. I was an advocate for this project on a daily basis because I LOVED it.

(Anna Bateman) #54

How can you make social media marketing more painless if you hate social media/aren’t very good at it? I both hate social media and probably because of that am not very good at it. :smiley:

(Bri Castellini) #55

Fair enough! (and same about being an English major. Pride and Prejudice was my JAM even in high school!)

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I think this might have gotten buried a bit in everyone’s hectic rush for your advice :slight_smile:

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Have a schedule and a plan. Also, think about using a scheduler like Hootsuite to help you not forget to post. But nothing substitutes for being an active part of the online community. So, even if you hate it you may have to just suck it up and do it. Or hire someone to.

(Anna Bateman) #58

Any tips on an efficient, but actually effective, schedule? I can always do a “post a photo on Tuesday” kind of thing but I feel like that’s not thinking about it specifically enough you know?

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Thank you! I was trying to not miss anything but I’m human.

Movieguyjon, you’re totally right and they are constantly changing so when searching for information I recommend going straight to the horses mouth (Facebook’s ad site) whenever possible or if looking for tutorials to check the date they were posted.

Low budgets can STILL help you on Facebook but think of what your MOST IMPORTANT content is and focus your ad budget on promoting that. Is it your first episode that is shared in full on Facebook? Your Trailer? Driving people to your e-mail list sign up? Once you identify that information you can see where your money would be best spent.

(Bri Castellini) #60

This one might have gotten missed too in the shuffle :slight_smile: It’s not QUITE a question but I think based on the thread Hailey is asking how you combat marketing fatigue and sticking to a schedule when everything seems kind of fruitless so far (correct me if I’m wrong, Hailey!)