AMA - Angelique Toschi-LaRue, Digital and Social Media Marketing

(Meg Carroway) #61

When you say jump on hashtags, that just means keeping an eye on trending topics on Twitter and posting, right? Is there any sort of strategy or is it just jumping on as many as you see that you can make relevant to you?

(Meg Carroway) #62

Do you recommend only trying to boost posts about certain things? I know people who boost basically one of each kind of promo- trailer, crowdfunding link, newsletter sign up, etc etc. Is that wrong?

Also… how does tagging work? On Facebook, I mean. I get it on YouTube a bit more but it’s such a mystifying process to me

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #63

So time of day is getting something a little too nuanced for here and it depends on your audience. But I recommend the following

Set a schedule for video releases (day of the week and time) and STICK TO IT. Treat it like a network schedule so your audience gets into a routine.

Social Posts should follow something like this per week:

Facebook - daily
Twitter - 2-3 times a day
Instagram - 3-4 times a week

If you are just starting out and don’t have an audience I don’t recommend SnapChat.

(Anna Bateman) #64

This is perfect!! Thank you!

(Hailey Harper) #65

Shoot I didn’t ask a new question did I?? You got it… thanks @Bri_Castellini! That was definitely the question I meant to ask lololol

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #66

Boost posts about what is important to your audience and what is already doing well natively on Facebook. :slight_smile: No specific type of thing is recommended but EACH type of thing has a different type of Facebook Ad that would be best for it.

Tagging on Facebook is something I’m not really able to answer. However, when it comes to ads it’s about narrowing down your audience instead of wasting money promoting something to people who won’t care about it.

(Bri Castellini) #67

What are some creative things you can do for branding or marketing that most indie filmmakers aren’t doing? Beyond paying for targeted boosted posts and reaching out to blogs, I mean.

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #68

Keep an eye on what’s trending but also see what people who are influential in the community you want to be in are talking about and using.

Also ONLY use hashtags relative to your project. And keep it to 2-3 per post.

(Meg Carroway) #69

I know I’m a broken record haha but can you give me an example? I’ve never heard this before and now I’m like “wait duuuh!” And if I’m gonna be putting money into this I want to make sure I’m not wasting it doing an ad that would be good for getting views but actually attempting to get newsletter subscribers

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #70

You just have to keep going. And having a schedule and keeping to it (and scheduling things in advance on a tool like Hootsuite) helps exponentially. Also - reposting things with new wording is VERY OKAY. Especially on Twitter.

(Hailey Harper) #71

So it’s not annoying to repost things? I just worry it’ll look like I’m a spam bot at a certain point :confused:

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #72

Creative things? That’s a good question. Making custom content / trailers that match trending topics would be a good one. Also finding way to partner with influencers to create content to promote your project is another. Harder if there is no money involved but doable if you can find someone who loves your project.

Also - have your actors create content about why the project is important to THEN and promote and share that.

(Meg Carroway) #73

Makes sense! Thank you!

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #74

If it’s different wording, etc. Nope!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #75

That is a very good point and something I imagine people either haven’t thought of or haven’t decided. For me, I honestly don’t know which one of those you mention is the best for me. What out of those things you mention would you consider important to you, personally, specifically in your endeavors?

(Bri Castellini) #76

Ooo I like the idea of having actors help, though outside of production (and honestly even within it) they can be hard to pin down…

Speaking of custom content, though, have you noticed any length trends that we should all be aiming for? For a trailer, for a teaser, etc; what is the best length to maximize marketing potential?

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #77

When you got to make an ad Facebook actually will ask you what type of ad you are trying to create. I would use that to show what type of ad would be best. :slight_smile: It’s hard to go into much more detail here as it’s super specific to your goals.

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #78

Instagram caps you at 60 secs. So if you are making content you want to repurpose across multiple platforms I would keep promotional materials to that length. :slight_smile:

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #79

It depends on the project and where it lives. Does it live on a website in additional to everyone else - Promote your newsletter / going to the site cause you then OWN the audience. If it lives on Facebook then promote the videos themselves. Without doing an indepth analysis of the project (which takes time) that’s the best advice I can give.

(Hailey Harper) #80

That helps, actually! I think a lot of my burnout is probably like insecurity etc etc. Especially when it comes to wanting to reach out to an audience directly- I feel like I’m intruding. How do you personally reach out to someone and not feel like you’re intruding in their space with a “hello fellow comedy folks I am a comedy show and you will like me because Comedy!”? (boy I am bad at writing actually questions today)