AMA - Angelique Toschi-LaRue, Digital and Social Media Marketing

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #81

Keep it personal. It takes more time but is SO worth it when you are connecting to an audience. And this is for both PR letters to introduce your press release/show AND for social media outreach. Show them you are familiar with them and there audience and they are much more likely to connect with you.

And be confident that what you are doing has worth! It’s hard but if you believe it in chances are other people will as well.

(Meg Carroway) #82

I just realized we didn’t actually ask any questions about branding yet and I came here mostly to do THAT! Whoops! What are the sort of priorities when it comes to building your “brand” for your show/ production company online?

(Hailey Harper) #83

Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #84

Having a consistent voice should be a huge priority. And consistent look/graphics/etc. across all your media (website, Facebook, twitter).

Create a brand book that includes the colors you will use, any logos/graphics, your look and tone and STICK TO IT. :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #85

Alright folks that about does it for today’s AMA! Huge big thanks to @Angelique for being here today and helping us out!!

(Hailey Harper) #86

Yes thank you so much @Angelique!

(Meg Carroway) #87

Thank you!

(Maurice Tyson) #88

Nice to meet you, Angelique. I’m Maurice Tyson, creator of the 3D animation comedy The Jenna Bender Show. You must know Al Thompson from working Lenox Ave. My question is it better to utilize social media taste makers to bring attention to your webseries rather than huge production companies that may not want to test new talent?

(Angelique Toschi-LaRue) #89

Hi Maurice! I do know Al. He’s a great guy! :slight_smile:

I personally think if you get enough tastemakers to take about and become advocate for your shows you should naturally get the attention of the larger production companies (if that is your goal). So starting small and then reaching out to larger companies as your footprint grows is a great way to utilize social.

(Maurice Tyson) #90