AMA! Justin Morrison - Cinematographer

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Honestly, I don’t really give that much thought. My priority is to create a shot that compliments and magnifies the emotion the director is trying to convey in the scene. Now of course, I would much rather someone see the work on a large screen. But that’s not something I tend to think about when composing shots.

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Heh, well that’s really a courtesy for the editor. If your DP is editing the footage, then maybe listen to him. I have worked for directors that would not want to cut during takes and would spend minutes giving direction with the camera still rolling. Usually what I do - as a courtesy to the editor is either throw on the lens cap to the lens or just close the f-stop so the image is fully dark. Then I’ll take the lens cap off right before the director call actions. That way, the editor doesn’t have to spend all day watching the take looking for where the scene starts back up. They can just quickly scrub through the footage and then stop at the point where the lens cap comes off the camera and the image comes back up. Saves them a ton of time in the edit.

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Cool, Justin! Thank you so much for responding!