AMA- Megan Brotherton

(Megan Brotherton) #1

Hi there!

I am the writer/producer/actress behind Everybody Does It and a new short called Buttercup. I directed a webseries called Golden California and wrote/directed/produced several online sketches including This is Why You Can’t Use the Bathroom in a Romper in collaboration with Funny or Die (13M views).

I am happy to answer any questions about writing and directing your own content, releasing shorts online and in festivals or anything else that comes to mind!

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(Bri Castellini) #2

Hey Megan! Thanks so much for being here today! First question- when did you get into filmmaking, and into web series in particular?

(Jane) #3

Hi Megan! Do you have any experience writing with a partner? I’m about to and I’ve never done it before and wondered if you had any tips!

(Meg Carroway) #4

13 M views!!! wow! I definitely have a lot of questions, so I guess I could start with… what are your best tips for releasing shorts/ online videos so they make the most impact? Are there certain sites best to promote the work on, best times of day, or something like that?

(Jane) #5

Yes definitely I would also like to know the secret to 13 million views!!

(Megan Brotherton) #6

I started as an actress. I was cast in a web series and mentioned to the creator that I was interested in directing. He gave me an episode to direct. It went well so on his next series he asked me to direct half of the entire series. It was a greta introduction for me because I was only directing (not producing) so it wasn’t too overwhelming.
I also became interested in directing after writing my own material and having someone else direct it. He did a fine job but I realized I could direct my own writing best:)

(Blair Hunter) #7

When you say in collaboration with FoD… did they commission it or did you just release it on their site and it did well?

(Bri Castellini) #8

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(Anna Bateman) #9

What is your day job? Or is your day job your filmmaking?

(Megan Brotherton) #10

It was a bunch of good things coming together sort of serendipitously. The topic appealed to a broad audience, both male and female. Rompers were trending this summer because of the RompHim, which was lucky because I wrote the sketch a long time ago. The topic was very shareable–it was something people connected with and wanted to share with their friends. And Funny or Die’s platform really helped me get it out there, since people who follow FoD are interested in comedy. It was also (if I do say so myself) a well-made sketch–not too long, good production value, music/sound all that!

(Marc L) #11

Hello Megan, and thank you for tagging me, Bri! This seems very helpful to me. I am an actor as well but am interested in making my own content. Do you have any advice for an actor with minimal writing and directing and filmmaking experience on their own if they are looking to make their own content? Thank you very much.

(Bri Castellini) #12

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(Jane) #13

Did you promote it in a particular way or on a particular site? Where’s best to promote comedy work, in your opinion?

(Bri Castellini) #14

Adding to this- have you noticed an overlap in marketing strategies for your short film/web series work as well? How does your romper video success overlap with getting the word out about more narrative content?

(Megan Brotherton) #15

Yes I do! I wanted a writing partner for so long because writing is so hard and sometimes lonely. I’ve learned it’s rare to find someone you click with, so first piece of advice: don’t be afraid to write on your own.

That being said since you have a partner, I had a great experience writing a pilot with a friend. Before we committed to the pilot we had been in a sketch group together so I new her writing style and we had gotten pretty comfortable working together that way so it was an easy transition.

I’d just say try to get to a place where you and your partner can be as honest with each other about the writing as possible. You both want it to be good so know that that’s what you are after so disagreements or notes on each other’s writing come from a good place.

Hope that helps. LMK if you have a more specific question about partner writing:)

(Jane) #16

Thank you!! Do you have advice about how to deal with disagreements? More backstory (I actually posted about this in the forum on another thread but this seemed like a great place for more advice!!) is that I came up with the concept and main characters but we’re really trying to be full partners in the writing process itself, so I don’t really know what we do once we have a conflict about something, cuz I am the creator but I’m also not really in charge… so any conflict resolution advice would be helpful!!

(Chris Hadley) #17

Hey Megan, thanks for joining us here and thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! waves

Right now, I’m hoping to resume production on season 2 of my sketch/parody web series. Have you ever done anything that has involved working with people separated geographically (as I’ve been doing on the show), and what tips do you have in how to do that more efficiently in a web series production?

(Megan Brotherton) #18

Great question! It’s important to have a plan for your launch. Have emails to your friends/followers ready to go. Post it early in the morning to hit both coasts–Google what time exactly but I think 6 or 7am PST is ideal. And then promote the hell out of it on all your social media and ask your fans to do the same. Before launching create a press release and send it to blogs/sites that fit your audience. Know your audience and choose the best platform based on that. It’s a lot of work but it does pay off!

(Meg Carroway) #19

Do you have any press release writing advice? I’ve written one or two but they rarely get any real traction, maybe one or two blogs will write something each.

(Megan Brotherton) #20

I’ve done both. I started just by posting my own videos on their site. They liked one of my sketches and reached out to me about collaborating. I pitched Romper and they EP’d it so yeah basically commissioned it.