AMA- Megan Brotherton

(Megan Brotherton) #21

Yeah:) Is there some way to add that after the fact?

(Blair Hunter) #22

That’s so cool! Congrats!

(Chris Hadley) #23

Awesome. With that said, what suggestions do you have for anyone who wants to get more viewers for their shows, and to potentially collaborate with larger video channels (Funny or Die, etc.)?

(Chris Hadley) #24

Congrats, Megan!

(sam lockie-waring) #25

how do you keep costs low and still maintain production quality?

(Bri Castellini) #26

I got you :slight_smile: I’ve also been trying to track unanswered questions by highlighting them in yellow to help you sort through!

(Megan Brotherton) #27

I’ve done everything from nannying to office work. This year my directing stuff took off so I quit my nanny job and haven’t had to get another day job yet!

(Anna Bateman) #28

Holy crap congrats!! I want to get into directing and cinematography myself… I’m not really a writer or actor though so with that in mind, how did you kind of build your career so you could make it a full time thing instead of just a hobby?

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #29

I want to ask a slightly different question:
Do you have an anecdote regarding the moment when your audience began to grow rapidly? Not at the beginning, but when the visits began to increase more than usual.

(Megan Brotherton) #30

Hi Marc,

Yeah, just go for it! The best way to learn is by doing. So get after it. Ask your friends for feedback and follow or collaborate with people whose content you like.
Good luck ad have fun!

(Anna Bateman) #31

Yeah this is a great question, maybe I would rephrase it (for me at least)… how do you build an audience, especially when you’re just starting out? Not just viewers, but fans who will stick with you from project to project?

(Megan Brotherton) #32

Well, my romper video is definitely on brand so it helps in that way. It’s shorter and easier to share so it’s like a little sample or business card for my body of work.

(Marc L) #33

Thank you Megan. Are there genres better or worse to start out with at an independent level? Does that change when my reasoning is specifically to build my reel with good acting examples so I can find work with outside of my own network?

(Bri Castellini) #34

So do you tend to use your shorter work to promote your longer-form work? How do you get an audience from one to the other, without confusing them or losing too many people in translation?

(Meg Carroway) #35

Congrats!! Is directing something you’re particularly focusing on right now, or is it just what took off first?

(Megan Brotherton) #36

I haven’t really. I know the time difference is the biggest hurdle so you just have to plan more and work a little harder to coordinate/communicate. Other than that, I imagine it’s not that different since most pre-pro happens via Google docs, emails, and phone calls.

(Chris Hadley) #38

Understood. Thanks so much, Megan!

(Jaime Lancaster) #39

Hi Megan!! Thanks so much for being here!! Since you just talked about pre-production… do you have any tips for keeping everyone (especially if they’re volunteering or starting as volunteers and not paid crew) on track? I’m working on being a producer but basically every project I’ve worked on has died at some point during pre-production and I’m wondering if you had a way of running your pre-pro so it stays on track and stays efficient!

(Megan Brotherton) #40

Honestly, my partner and I never had any disagreements on our pilot, so as a creator I’ve never had that problem. If it’s important to you to keep the partnership I’d try to be flexible as the creator but ultimately if you strongly disagree and you are the creator, you have final say. I stepped away from Golden California’s final season because I disagreed with the creator on the direction he was taking it.

(Jane) #41

Thank you!