AMA- Megan Brotherton

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Alright folks, technically that is the end of our AMA for the week! Huge big thanks to @Megbrother for being here today and imparting her wisdom! Megan- feel free to stick around if you like to answer some final questions, but you’re clearly a busy lady and we would totally understand if you had to bounce. In any case, THANK YOU, and you’re always welcome here in the forums to impart more wisdom!

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Thank you, Megan!

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Yeah, absolutely. :smile:

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Thank you very much, Megan, and Stareable/Bri, for bringing Megan here today!

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@megbrother Thanks so much Megan! :smile:

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Thanks! And good luck with your next projects, @Megbrother!

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Thanks for having me! I’ll try to come back later today and answer any questions we didn’t get to. Have a great Friday everybody!!!

(Megan Brotherton) #69

Great question! Step one: Write strategically…if you have a free location or an idea that inherently requires little prod money (doc-style or vlog-style, cut to music instead of recording live audio, etc.) Step two: produce cleverly invite people who bring something to project beyond their primary role (an actor who has a great location, a DP who has a good camera or lights, etc.). Step three: raise money to get what you need to make it look good. It’s worth it:)

(Megan Brotherton) #70

Post your content on their platforms. Lots of sites are hungry for good content so they are on the look out. In the meantime, maximize the networks you have in order to get your views up. And say yes to any opportunities to collaborate with new channels/podcast/forums/live performances or networking events. Help out others and it comes right back to you.

(Megan Brotherton) #71

Just start doing it like a maniac–or whatever speed you are comfortable with :slight_smile: , but the more you do the faster it will turn from a hobby to a vocation, so I say give it your everything. Now is a great time to be a female director and a really great time to be a female cinematographer. So get after it Anna!

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So sorry but nothing is coming to mind, besides creepy/perverted comments that you get online from random viewers:/ I just kept doing what I was always doing regardless of number of views.

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Hi again! I think I got all the questions answered but let me know if I missed anything. And please follow me here:
insta: @megbrother
Twitter: @MeganBrotherton

Great chatting with you all!

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Oh, yes, it’s sad to read that, but unfortunately, it’s frequent online It’s something I have not yet had the misfortune to deal with, but I know that as soon my channel grows up, the trolls will attack …
Thank you very much for taking the time to respond!
Good luck with your projects!