AMA with Bernie Su!

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Thanks Bernie!!

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If you’re auditioning for a vlog, I’m looking for more a theater person. Someone who can project to the back room type. Soft-spoken and subtle doesn’t work for me.
What Hank Green says about voice projection in this… general idea.

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Thank you Bernie and Stareable for bringing Bernie hereeeee!!!

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Hi @dramadork884!

Hope things are well!

It was way easier than I expected. I mean they’re all busy. But it all worked out!

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AMA with Bernie Su! :slight_smile: he answered it here

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With Lizzie, we only planned Twitter and Tumbler in advance, and grew as we went. There was a lot of experimentation as we went, just to try stuff.

Like making Wickham an Okcupid profile…or Collins a Linkedin…
See if it worked or not.

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Arc out your individual stories, A, B, C… and timeline them… that’s the simplest way I can think of .

Btw, BOTH of my drama web series have multiple storyline/timelines. so you can sample those.

Compulsions and Vanity

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Well we didn’t have to do any of the app development. That’s the Moment:Stories platform. Those incredibly hard-working, and I’m sure stressed out developers are handling that.

The stuff that we had to do was far cheaper than a traditional web series. As I said in the podcast, doing video is expensive, and we did it but we sure didn’t do it at the level of OG Emma Approved.

Btw, I’m always looking at the simplest and most economical way to do things.
As I recommend all of you.

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Anything that breaks the story we have to ignore, plain and simple.

If we listened to the Audience, Lizzie would have gotten with Darcy in like the first month of the show and it would have been over.

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No idea… There’s an audience for EVERYTHING online. Whether or not it’s big enough to sustain the topic of your web series, you just have to find out for yourself.

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@berniesu Thanks so much for taking the time to join us here today, Bernie, and thanks for answering our questions - including mine! Really appreciate it! Thanks too to @stareable and @Bri_Castellini for making this chat possible!

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That’s cause I don’t think of myself as a traditional Director. I mean I obviously I direct almost everything I’ve created, but I do it as a necessity.

My approach to directing is actually really simple.
I’m going for efficiency and quality of narrative.
I don’t really care about crazy cool shots, or all that.

I’m crazy efficient on set… I try try to give the actors everything they need. But I care about momentum and efficiency. I think of all my days on set as a director, I’ve only been in OT for more than 30 minutes twice.

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Super interesting, Bernie. I’m just realized now that IGTV Instagram has come out. A new economic platform to publicize web series or work in general and communicate with the audience.
Thank you very much for answering!

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Well I’m obviously very excited and curious about how this Emma Approved/Moments Stories game does. - It’s my way back into Pemberley and to be excited and challenged again. I obviously want it to do super well, but any way to get back into it I think is a win for everyone.

As for other things I’m working on… you’ll have to wait and see. I’m now focused in pushing what we can do in narrative and experiences, which is why I love that we’re trying this Emma Approved game.
But as I said in the podcast (and in my bio), I have no interest in developing for TV and Film.

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Well that’s it for me!

Thanks everyone for AMAing with me. Hope I was helpful!


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Yup… different user experiences.

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Wasn’t able to make it yesterday, but this was great to come back and read! Thanks for taking the time @berniesu