AMA with Brianne Nord-Stewart, I've made some shows and won some awards and stuff!

(Blair Hunter) #21

hi Brianne! oh wow your projects are pretty varied… what draws you to an idea?

(Anna Bateman) #22

What’s the “no” part?

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #23

They were interested in me. They saw that I had already made great content and that I would be able to deliver even better content with their help. Storyhive is interested in helping filmmakers more than they are interested in making films. Which is super unique. With the upcoming applications it’s much more about content and proving the audience,

(Meg Carroway) #24

How do you prove an audience?

(Joseph Steven Heath) #25

I’ve been to a handful of festivals and I always suck at the networking part. I never know what to say or how to approach people. To be fair, I don’t know how to do that in most situations. Do you have any tips for networking?

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #26

I create, write, direct, edit and produce! And do all the marketing and social media. What I want to do the most is directing, then writing. And ultimately showrunning

(Jane) #27

Hi Brianne! Welcome! I loved The Dangers of Online Dating!! I’m curious about how do you prepare for a shoot? What’s your process from script to screen?

(Meg Carroway) #28

Oh that’s awesome! So with #MeToo in mind, especially as it pertains to women in leadership positions on film sets, what has your experience been as a female director? Any advice?

(Jaime Lancaster) #29

How do you inspire confidence and respect from your cast? How do you get actors you’ve never worked with to trust you?

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #30

I’m starting to start people who have similar content and watch similar content. I basically beg people to watch my show, subscribe and leave comments ( - please watch subscribe and leave comments!!)

And I’m trying to up my game with seo and keywords etc and partnering with influencers for the new season.

(sam lockie-waring) #31

hey brianne- thanks for stopping by! if you don’t mind my asking… is filmmaking your full time gig?

(Bri Castellini) #32

Has there been a marketing ploy/tactic that you’ve tried that HASN’T worked, or hasn’t worked enough to justify the ROI?

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #33

I make a lot of awkward comedies about sex in series and shorts. In music videos I like to make more varied content that allows me to break away from the comedy brand and really just explore.

Ultimately I’m interested in characters and their world though, and the conflict in their life being interesting!

(Ollie R) #34

That’s awesome that you’ve gotten funding. The dream! Have you ever done crowdfunding or gotten sponsorships?

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #35

Welcome Brianne! When it comes to film festivals what makes it worth it to you to submit? And what do you do specifically to “Schmooze your face off?” I need help with that. Thanks!

(Jane) #36

What’s your biggest director pet peeve? Both while you’re directing, on set, and while you’re watching other directors’ work?

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #37

When I’m writing I’m already thinking about how I’m going to shoot and edit it.

I love auditioning people because it really helps me with the riding and seeing how I need to rewrote or change.

Shot lists are key for my scrambled brain! And now I could not do a show with an AD and a production designer. Two positions I figured I didn’t need before.

And thank you for watching it! Tell your friends…please.

(Meg Carroway) #38

What kinds of release schedules/strategies do you suggest? Bingeable all at once, once a week, on a particular platform or multiple platforms?

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #39

I don’t think it was ultimately necessary. I have learned more by actually making films than I ever did from school.but that little bit of structure and also the community was hugely helpful!!

(sam lockie-waring) #40

hell yes production design is my jam. why do you think people don’t need them? in your experience?