AMA with Brianne Nord-Stewart, I've made some shows and won some awards and stuff!

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #41

I’ve largely only worked on my own sets. I set the tone. And if you’ve met me in person I have a pretty big personality with a don’t give me any bullshit aura. So I’m lucky to not personally have experienced that discrimination or seediness. BUT in the cases where people make off colour comments I usually get my AD to handle it immediately so they know it’s not going to fly, and I can get back to work

(Anna Bateman) #42

Makes sense! So when you’re thinking about a new project, how do you stay within your means without like totally destroying your ability to be creative? I always second guess myself if I, say, write more than two characters or have a location outside of an apartment hahah

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #43

Largely with my past body of work, word of mouth, using a reputable casting director, or asking to take them out for coffee in advance. I’m working on getting bigger/more known talent and will be employing all those tactics

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #44

Yes it is! The trick is to not havedebt weighing you down, and be willing to live a modest life style and have many skills people can hire you for that’s are on film projects

(Jaime Lancaster) #45

Have you ever had to fire anyone? I’m getting pretty close with someone on my project…

(sam lockie-waring) #46

holy shit that’s awesome. congrats! what kind of things do you tend to get hired for? directing/writing? also how do you even meet people willing to pay you for your skills? i feel like everyone i know is just as broke as me or requires more “legit” experience than indie sets

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #47

Poking me where it hurts Bri!!

I don’t know. Some days everything feels like a failure.

(Meg Carroway) #48

WOW!! How long has that been the case? Since you graduated from school?

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #49

I’ve never done crowdfunding. Not sure I ever will unless I can hire Ivan Askwith ( super troopers reboot) to do it

(Bri Castellini) #50

Hahhaha sorry. Recently I’ve been on a transparency kick (alongside @ghettonerdgirl) where we talk a lot about what HASN’T worked and how we’ve transitioned/tweaked strategies as a result. You learn more from “failure” than “success,” right?

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #51

Right on! Haha.

(Ollie R) #52

Huh. I guess that’s working out for you, but yeah like a lot of people here I’m not from CA so in the states we don’t have a lot of gov’t funding (if any… thanks GOP) and I want to be able to pay people but I also want to be able to make stuff to get it out there like you were saying in an earlier question, to make a name for myself/get respect and opportunities. What do you recommend, if grant funding isn’t really a thing?

(Bri Castellini) #53

Sidenote: I just finished next week’s blog, which is the part 2 of my “every mistake I’ve made” series, and it gets REAL.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #54

OMG I can’t wait!!!

(Meg Carroway) #55

Kinda similar to this one… I’m assuming that the funding you HAVE gotten hasn’t been, like, crazy. So what’s your strategy to prioritize so you’re making high quality stuff without millions of dollars?

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #56

Getting into film festivals tells the world and the industry that you are legitimate. Winning awards at festivals and other places also does the same thing and it makes you seem way more badass. It also helps prove that you have an audience and a market for your show.

To schmooze your face off the business card is really important I have something that is a conversation piece on your card. Be personable and willing to introduce all of the people that you meet when you’re at events. People really appreciate you going out of their way to help them as well. Festivals do not really help in getting views online though

(Bri Castellini) #57

Got a couple that got lost in the shuffle :slight_smile:

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #58

People need to be prepared. I hate it when people don’t take their job seriously or when they come to set I’m prepared.

I really appreciate when people are looking out for the whole set in the whole team and thinking 10 steps ahead and taking initiative without being asked to do something.

I really dislike seeing other girl actors be assholes. Then again, some people might think that I’m an asshole but I’m really just very direct

(Brianne Nord-Stewart) #59

I think releasing episodes in batches is the way to go. Then you both have a staggered rollout and allow people to watch multiple episodes at the same time so they can get addicted.

Ideally you’re launching on a platform that is also supporting you. This is something I have to work on

(Hailey Harper) #60

What advice do you have for new, less confident directors? Like working with actors/not steamrolling them but also not letting them run all over you?