AMA with Brianne Nord-Stewart, I've made some shows and won some awards and stuff!

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Thank you! This whole AMA has been #goals

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Question to add onto this, but were you able to put aside money from this to pay yourself?

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Thank you Brianne!

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Having unique having unique content on various platforms was helpful. We did little videos that I film just using my phone with the actors to introduce each episode on Facebook before we launch the episode on YouTube and those videos did quite well. It’s interesting that I spent all this time trying to make a really awesome looking show, and then some of the videos that were getting the most engagement to begin with where these shitty phone videos. Something to think about. But I think an audience likes to feel like they’re in the room with you

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Did you not know that!?

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When you make a fake commercial on the company is not paying you for it. So you could be like I have a great idea for dove, and then just get a bunch of people together and make a commercial for dove as a sample of your work but they’re not actually using it as their commercial. Look into Tongle

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I knew you were somewhere cold but in my head I was just like “oh, so normal Canada then?” lol

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Thanks so much Mike! Make sure to follow me if you want to learn more, I generally try to do the web series chat on Twitter every Wednesday at 11 a.m… #webserieschat

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Yes. It wasn’t as much as I would have liked but I am sustaining myself with it

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Just saw your tweet…

“I’m sitting on the floor of a Canadian funding panel at @VanWebFest so #ama! #vwf18 !”

So obvious question, why are there no chairs? :smiley:

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Can you talk a bit about your interest in “characters in their world” and how you develop their stories in web series format?