AMA with Christina Raia

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #61

Thank you very much, Christina! The idea of the shorts has enlightened me. It has been very helpful!

(Christina Raia) #62

Hi Rodrigo, I don’t think any particular theme does better than others. Social issue driven content will always have a bit of an easier ask because it’s easier to identify the largest audience that will care. But really, as long as you can identify a WHY for your project, you can get your audience excited. That said, genre content, web series or otherwise, like horrors and scifi, generally attract people easiest because genre fans are especially craving content and looking to support it.

(Rodrigo Diaz Ricci) #63

Thank you very much, Christina!
It has been very helpful!

(Christina Raia) #64

Thanks for asking! It’s a screening series – like a festival but every month, where we screen shorts by NY-based filmmakers. It’s a space to discuss work in a supportive environment and find collaborators. Always free to attend!

(Christina Raia) #65

Happy to stick around! Thank you all! It’s been fun chatting. Let’s connect on social. I’m @craia9 everywhere.

(Christina Raia) #66

Newsletter is always the latest news – festival announcements or photos from the last screening. I try to make my newsletter a way to follow my work and progress chronologically because on social it can seem a bit all over the place. The biggest thing is call to action oriented stuff. It’s where you can consistently find links to my streaming content, at the bottom. Whatever I want my audience to do right now is what goes at the top - whether that’s contributing to a campaign, watching a new video, RSVPing for IndieWorks, purchasing a screening ticket… But I try to have one big ask each month and the rest is just the latest exciting announcements.

(Christina Raia) #67

In the big cities, it’s mostly other filmmakers or family of the filmmakers. This is largely because there’s so much to do in big cities. But regional fests are great because it’s like the thing to do in that particular town that week, so all the locals come out. I try to be super selective about where I submit and attend, and the local audience turnout is a big factor. I post on twitter a lot to try to collect filmmaker experiences from festivals before I decide whether or not to submit.

(Christina Raia) #68

No problem. Something I like to do is go to festivals and see content similar to whatever I’m currently working on and try to speak with audience members who aren’t associated with the project or filmmakers. Then I get a sense of who they are, why they’re at the screening, and what else interests them. It gives me a starting point for identifying and accessing more people like them.

(Christina Raia) #69

Sorry I missed this one! I usually script supervise on other people’s sets. It’s my way of helping out filmmakers who have helped me. I’m not super great at the tech stuff, but continuity I can do (if I’m not helping produce). I find working on other sets is a great way to watch the crew work and recruit the people I vibe well with.

(Idgafwebseries) #70

If you’re on a micro budget below 10k how much should you offer your actors to film for like say…6-8 hour days. Or if you offered them too much initially how do you go about requesting to readjust the price to something more affordable?

(Pablo Andreu) #71

That’s a good strategy. Thanks!

(Christina Raia) #72

I’ve paid actors $50 for a 6-8 hour day, as like an honorarium to show I appreciate their time & talent. But that could also be insulting if you approach it as if its real pay. I try to make it clear that it’s basically an unpaid gig but I’m offering something to show I respect them and am trying. Honesty goes a long way. Sharing the budget breakdown and showing them where the money needs to go in order to have an end product everyone can be proud of is sometimes a good strategy to build trust and be transparent. If you have to backtrack on promised pay, I recommend sharing the budget breakdown and seeing what they feel would make up the difference, like maybe they’d want a producer credit…