AMA with Driving Arizona co-creators Joe Ahern and Dylan Tanous

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Thanks!!! This was so helpful!!!

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Thanks for showing up guys. You are awesome.

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Thank you so much for everything! Your answers have been very helpful!

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Thank you both! I actually have a project set in a car coming up so this was like fate!

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If you agreed to be partners, then you’ve got to work through it. The way the plot/story bends might lead to one version of the character making more sense than the other. Also, you might find yourself changing that character after you’ve sent a draft out to some readers for notes.

In terms of the power structure of who is right… well, I think that eventually the best version of a particular character will rise to the surface. Don’t get stuck, keep pushing forward.

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Hi Joe & Dylan!

I hope it’s not too late to ask a question! When it comes to landing a job writing for TV do you think LA is the place you’d have to relocate to? Also being an independent filmmaker I noticed I love many of the aspects/positions of the production process.

How did you decide you rather write than produce/edit or any of those other things that are part of the process?

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Thanks a ton, Bri! We had a lot of fun. And thanks everyone for all the questions! Hope our answers helped! And please don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family to check out our show:

Thank you!

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Writing for TV, you really need to live in LA or NY. I think there are some animated shows that write out of Atlanta. That doesn’t mean you have to move to LA though. You can shoot your web projects, short films, or feature films wherever the hell you want. And hey, who knows, if the right people see them, maybe they will come to you. But pretty much every TV writing staff is based in LA.

As for writing, once I got to college, I kind of always knew I wanted to do it. With regard to producing, usually when you shoot something that you write, you inevitably end up producing it as well. As for editing, I did it a little in college, and on a couple projects here and there… but I’m not very good at it. I’ve got friends that are a hell of a lot better at it, so I leave it to them… thankfully.

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Glad we could help! Best of luck on it!