Ama with Emmy Harrington

(Emmy Harrington) #1

Hello Stareable! I’m Emmy Harrington, host of today’s AMA. I’m a director, writer and actor with experience in everything from webseries / sketch content to feature films. My most recent endeavor was a 78 minute feature film shot in 10 days, which is currently making it’s way through the festival circuit.

The making of this film Two little BIt%#es, gave me vast knowledge of shooting on a small budget, (stretching your budget, getting things free!) shooting over minimal days, directing actors, and navigating the post production process. I also hired an all female crew for this film and am happy to talk about that aspect of the work and how it affected the process.

We've got an AMA for that!
(Bri Castellini) #2

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(Bri Castellini) #3

Thanks for being here today, Emmy! When did you get into filmmaking, and into web series in particular?

(Meg Carroway) #4

Welcome!! I’d love to talk to you about the all female crew hiring! Did you know all the women before the shoot, and how did you make it a priority without hurting any former male collaborator’s feelings? I have a few male friends who I work with a lot and love and wouldn’t want to make it weird between us if I wanted to try an all-female crew, if that makes sense.

(Emmy Harrington) #5

HEY BRI! I started making content in los Angeles after I graduated as a way to keep myself writing and creating before I was getting regular hired work. Web series are a great way to live with characters for longer periods of time and tell bigger stories. I found sketch was sometimes less fulfilling because they are so short lived.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #6

Hi Emmy! Welcome!

It’s awesome that you got an all female crew. I tried doing the same, but had difficulties. How do you word your job posts without sounding like you’re discriminating against men? There were jobs I had posted where I had little to no female applicants.


(Marc L) #7

Hello Emmy, thank you for being here today. Do you have acting representation currently? How did you find it, if so? I am also an aspiring actor looking to take the next step in my career after working on many independent sets.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #8

My question is similar!

(Jaime Lancaster) #9

Hi Emmy! I have lots of questions about budgets! First is how did you fundraise/find funds for your projects (especially your recent feature!)?

(Meg Carroway) #10

Haha I just saw that! I think they cover kinda different aspects though. Yours sorta acts as a precursor to mine! :slight_smile:

(Emmy Harrington) #11

I know! So strange as a woman to feel uncomfortable trying to level out the scales. I just ignored the negative feedback and got the job done. I engaged in conversation when I had time, but for the most part, I knew why I was doing what I felt was right and leaned into that.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #12

I’m on it!!!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #13

Hey, thanks for joining us today. I’m curious about your statement about stretching the budget. What, in your opinion, was the most difficult part of stretching the budget. Where did it (for lack of a better term) “get roughest?”

(Meg Carroway) #14

I was gonna ask something in this vein but this is a way better way of phrasing it so thanks for getting there first!!

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #15

Hi Emmy!

Question #2 - What kinda stuff did you get for free? Did it require cold calling? Did you do this part solely on your own or did you have help?

(sam lockie-waring) #16

my question kinda builds off this- what do you prioritize when you’re doing a low budget shoot of any size/genre? minimize location to focus on talent, minimize characters/dialog to focus on location fees, or something else?

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #17

Awesome response. Thank you so much!

(Bri Castellini) #18

Kinda building off this, what has been your experience as a woman in the film and TV industry, in light of the recent Me Too/ Times Up movements? Can you offer any advice to other young women looking to break in, for both indie and mainstream paths?

(Emmy Harrington) #19

Hey Marc. It took a long time to get my current team on board. One thing that really helped was I got my reel together on my own so that when I did take meetings I was offering them my talent, rather than asking them to help me get my act together. Also making relationships with other actors whose work I admired helped a lot. Show up, talk to people. Get to know them. And maybe later ask for a leg up.

(Emmy Harrington) #20

I crowd sourced through Kickstarter. It was very challenging but they were a very helpful organization. lots of PERSONAL emails to friends over the 30 days was what really did it.