AMA with Kate Hackett!

(Kate Hackett) #1

Hello, hello, and welcome to my AMA! ASK ME YOUR THINGS.

My name is Kate Hackett – you can find more about me at I have two shows on Amazon: Classic Alice and Not a Plan. I also run weekly ish #FemaleFilmmakerFriday posts, where I talk about working as a lady in the industry. I am here to answer your queries about Patreon, running shows, and whatever else! Ask away!

(Bri Castellini) #2

Welcome!! First question- what has changed since your LAST AMA over a year ago? Back then you were promoting CA going on Amazon :slight_smile:

(Sunny Larkson) #3

Yay Kate!!! Welcome baaaaack!!! What’s The Long Dig? I think I saw something about it on here somewhere else but I can’t find the thread…

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(Jerome Keith) #4

Hi Kate happy to be able to talk to you! How does Patreon free you to create things that you wouldn’t be able to in the traditional system? And how do you go about creating rewards for your patrons?

(Kate Hackett) #5

Yeah! It’s up there now - - and doing really well! It’s been a great move for us. I’ve also totally revamped and kicked up my Patreon after a VERY REVEALING trip abroad and – honestly – it’s saved my life, man.

I have THREE projects in development, a pilot written, The Long Dig in post, and things are moving along…

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(Kate Hackett) #7

The Long Dig ( is a short film / backdoor pilot that I wrote with Personal Space (now on Amazon!) creator Tom Pike. It’s about a woman exiled from her home, desperately trying to get back, and it’s based on a game called Aeronauts!

(Sunny Larkson) #8

That’s so cool!! Did you have to get permission to write about a game?

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(Meg Carroway) #9

Can you talk about what you mean by this? Also, how long have you had a Patreon altogether?

(Chris Hadley) #10

Hey Kate! waves Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions about web series production and Patreon!

Regarding crowd-funding on Patreon, here’s something I’ve always wondered about but it could be applied to every crowd-funding platform - how do you come up with the budget for a web series?

To add to that, even if you’ve got no production budget to speak of, how could you structure any incentives you want to offer potential contributors on Patreon for helping show creators to make more episodes?

(Kate Hackett) #11

Without Patreon, I would be working 30+ hours at my day job every week. Every actor, every artist, out here who is at this stage of their career has a day job - it’s a fact. Even if they hide it. Mine is tutoring, which is a GREAT gig because it pays wonderfully, but it’s also incredibly time consuming. I work for myself, which again, yay, because more money, but I also need to always hunt for clients. It’s also not a job where I can check out; I’m 100% engaged 100% of the hour, mentally and physically. So when I’m done, I’m wiped out. And doing that for five hours every day, five back to back hours, is exhausting. Last year, around this time, I was coming off a grueling schedule and I realized: I’ve done NOTHING to advance my career other than work my day job. Enough.

So, after a trip to Europe, I sat down and started to REALLY plug Patreon. And as that grew, I cut my hours back slowly.

Rewards I based on other, more successful campaigns – but I’ll be honest, Patrons don’t sign up for rewards. They sign up because they love you.

(Anna Bateman) #12

Hey Kate! Thanks for doing this! When you say you have three projects in development, what does that mean? In traditional TV that would mean you sold them (I think?) and are working on making them come alive, but what does that mean for indie?

(Kate Hackett) #13

Yes we did!

We went to the creators (Electric Purple) and said: can we make a movie about this?
Graciously, Tim Vaughn said yes! and then proceeded to fund the movie

(Kate Hackett) #14

I think two years? Three? I have no idea.

(Sunny Larkson) #15

WOW!! Congrats!! How did you find out about the game even, and did they offer funding immediately or was that something you were looking for/asking for?

(Meg Carroway) #16

Is there any tier or reward you used to offer that you don’t anymore? Why/why not?

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(Kate Hackett) #17

Patreon is not really set up to “crowd fund” for any specific thing, so that question shouldn’t be applied to that platform, but…

Coming up with a budget is a job. It’s a line producer’s gig and he or she is good at it. If you’re a no budget, you’re doing it yourself and you kind of learn by getting quotes from your crew then populating a spreadsheet with that info and totaling it up.

Again, Patreon isn’t for funding a project like this. It’s ongoing!

(Jerome Keith) #18

Can you talk a little about this?

The drainage of creating while also working a job on top of that is a difficulty that I’m happy patreon has helped you to alleviate. It sounds like your trip to Europe helped you to figure out the path you wanted to carve.

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(Kate Hackett) #19

Projects “in development” don’t really have a set definition, but in this case, it means I am developing them. Looking for funding, trying to get shit made! :slight_smile:

(Jaime Lancaster) #20

Thanks for being here, Kate! How have you integrated Patreon posting/promoting into your day to day schedule, with your day job, with your creative projects, etc?