AMA with Kate Hackett!

(Shawn Fournier) #21

Question #1 is: How did you go about starting your life in Los Angeles (finding a place to live, a job, a plan for paying bills, etc)?

(Kate Hackett) #22

Oh, we asked. But Tim was insanely receptive.

(Meg Carroway) #23

How has being on Patreon changed your development process? If it has at all

(Anna Bateman) #24

Do you use Patreon numbers/stats to pitch yourself/pitch projects?

(Bri Castellini) #25

How do you set online boundaries with fans on social media/patrons? What have you learned in that vein?

(Kate Hackett) #26

Absolutely. I’m constantly experimenting and dropping stuff that’s too time consuming or doesn’t work. The thing I’ve been focused on lately is getting to 50 Patrons… I’m so damn close.

I let the $1 tier disappear (though you can, of course, subscribe at whatever level you want). I also unpublished a $250 level tier with the following offerings:
• Access to patron only monthly update
• Access to @KateOnSet Twitter
• Access to auditions playlist
• Access to @kateonset instagram
• Monthly discord video group hang
• Beta Tester
• Digital Scripts
• HD Video Downloads
• Postcards
• Personal Hang Time
• Quarterly Scrapbook

For that, I just slid it into a different tier (lower, I think).

(Kate Hackett) #27

Just like a crowdfunding campaign, I tweeted and posted and instagrammed my little heart out. I’m probably due to do it again. You have to make a LOT of noise.

(Marc L) #28

Hello Kate! Thank you very much for answering questions today. How has Patreon helped you as an actress? I myself am an actor looking to make my mark and get my name out there.

(Chris Hadley) #29

Got it. Thanks, Kate! Congrats on the movie!

(Ollie R) #30

So were/are all your patrons people who were fans of your work before Patreon?

(Jerome Keith) #31

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for answering!

(Meg Carroway) #32

How much time would you say you spend a week doing Patreon stuff? Not stuff your Patreon lets you do like filmmaking, but making/mailing postcards, sending out perks, writing updates, etc?

(Kate Hackett) #33

I usually tackle this stuff in the morning. I get up, have some coffee, and hug my dog a lot because I’m gonna ignore the shit out of her for a while. I sit down, answer emails / tweets and stuff, and develop assets to promote Patreon. I post, then head out with the pup!

But it’s really flexible - I just do it when the mood strikes too.

I do spend a lot of time trying to brainstorm OTHER, better things I can do for it. It’s a bit of a pain to elbow out of the plateau I hit. People are watching my #FemaleFilmmakerFriday videos and, ironically, not offering to support them. I get around 100-200 views on those, so I SHOULD be netting 50-75 patrons. Support your artists!

(Kate Hackett) #34

I have a ton more time for it now.

(Meg Carroway) #35

But do you make decisions on what projects you should do next based on your Patrons? Does that influence your creative process on a decision-making level at all?

(Jane) #36

How has your language promoting your Patreon changed since you started? I know in crowdfunding there’s a new wave of suggestions to stop saying “donate” and start saying “join” and stuff like that

(Kate Hackett) #37


This is a really hard topic because OBVIOUSLY it comes up – everyone is learning. The patrons are learning, I am learning, and sometimes you wind up feeling like you’re 100% “on call” for everyone ALL THE TIME, which is the entire opposite of what Patreon is meant to do for me.

Something that really helps keep me from feeling like I’m at everyone’s beck & call is to set up one single platform. That way, if I’m working, I can just turn it off. I use Discord for that as much as possible, or Patreon’s own (admittedly not terrific) messaging system. Patrons can message me on Discord at any time & I’ll respond, but messages sent on other platforms are going to get lost; I just get too much stuff on places like Twitter / Insta. I’ve turned those alerts off. This helps Patrons know that they CAN reach me and it helps me know that I can disconnect.

(Kate Hackett) #38

Patreon isn’t really for accumulating fans, it’s for people who have fans to bring into it, so I wouldn’t say that it helped me “get my name out there” at all. You’re better off doing the work and making the things.

What it HAS done is it’s given me income to rely on & use for things like classes, headshots, etc. and it’s given me peace of mind, which I can’t place a value on at all.

(Kate Hackett) #39


(Jane) #40

Have you ever had fans get upset that they have to pay money now to get a lot of your big updates? People from days before you had a Patreon?