AMA with Kate Hackett!

(Joseph Steven Heath) #41

Can you talk more about showrunning? What all does that entail?

(Ollie R) #42

How do you reach people who weren’t?

Also… how do you get back in contact with fans to reroute them to a new platform? From YouTube to Patreon, I mean.

(Kate Hackett) #43

As little as possible. I knew going into Patreon that perk fulfillment is a huge fucking time suck, so I priced personalized things high and kept it casual – you’ll notice that I send postcards “once every couple months”. The only thing I do 100% every month are the hangs. I’m sure some patrons might be disappointed if they miss things, but you know: this is how I need to conduct my business and if you don’t like it, you’re a grown ass person! No one has to support me.

(Kate Hackett) #44

Not really!

(Bri Castellini) #45

Think this one got a bit lost in the shuffle!

(Kate Hackett) #46

I don’t think it has; I’ve always used “join” and “support” and “get involved” and “be part of the…”, but I’d also run… shit, three? four? successful crowdfunders BEFORE I started Patreon, so I may have just picked that up.

(Meg Carroway) #47

What about updates? Like basically your newsletters… what kinds of things do you use for updates if you’re kinda between projects or can’t give details on stuff yet?

(Chris Hadley) #48

A lot of people tend to “stack” multiple projects at the same time. How do you go about prioritizing those projects and devoting equal time to one or more?

(Kate Hackett) #49

If they have, they didn’t do it in my presence and so I don’t know about it. And frankly, if there are fans out there who are upset that there is a little paywall for stuff, I have to say:

tough tits, guys

With love, this is my career. I’m not on display for free for everyone on the internet! If you like it, 12 bucks a year is nothing. If you REALLY don’t have that kind of cash flow, and I get it - a lot of y’all are students - then just hang tight because eventually stuff gets released. Just slower. I didn’t quit Twitter, I’m still there, you can still reach me, I just give priority to people who are supporting the Patreon.

(Jaime Lancaster) #50

What do you think has to happen for you/your career before it makes sense to launch a Patreon? Is there a threshold for YouTube views or Twitter followers or anything?

(Kate Hackett) #51

I would love to! But this is an ENORMOUS topic… can you give me something more specific?

At a very basic overview, show running is making the entire thing happen. Start to finish. Pen to screen. There are a LOT of people to manage and it’s a lot of work. Don’t do it if you can’t find good ways to talk to everyone. :slight_smile:

(Joseph Steven Heath) #52

Do you work with other writers? If so, how do you delegate the writing? What’s the process for that?

(Kate Hackett) #53

God. Hope? Just BLASTING, constantly. Doing interviews like this. TBH, creating a show that is SO DIFFERENT from Classic Alice (The Long Dig) was also done with the hopes of bringing in new fans.

Youtube is TERRIBLE and moving people across platforms is impossible, but you just keep reminding them that you like to eat please donate to this jfc

(Bri Castellini) #54

What kinds of things do you do to keep your Patreon fresh when you mostly have in development or in post projects? What keeps Patrons excited and engaged?

(Bri Castellini) #55

Do you tend to consider producing and showrunning different? Or is “showrunner” more the combo of creator and producer?

(Kate Hackett) #56

I moved right out of college. I turned to my boyfriend at the time and said, “I’m going to L.A., you coming?” and he did. I got lucky; I lived with him, he paid our bills when I first got here. It took me some time to get my feet under me in terms of a day job, but I worked some garbage (data entry) things when he and I broke up, tutored, and eventually started doing that more exclusively.

(Jerome Keith) #57

You’ve mentioned your past in crowdfunding a couple times. Which platforms have you organized campaigns on and which did you have the best experience with?

(Kate Hackett) #58

Sometimes there’s a bit of “I have a cool new thing coming but can’t discuss it!” but, god, if I felt like I had NOTHING to say for an entire month of work? There’s probably a problem.

(I’d encourage you to join my Patreon for $1. You get access to those posts and you can take a peek at what I include!)

(Marc L) #59

Thank you for your advice! Best of luck.

(Sunny Larkson) #60

Do you think you’ll ever make another vlog like Classic Alice again? Or a longer form web series? Not a Plan was so fun but also so short!