AMA with Kate Hackett!

(Kate Hackett) #61

Depends on where things are. I try to keep the plates spinning, of course, but at some point one plate will be…

shit, this analogy fell apart.

If Project A is a few steps ahead, that means filming is going to hit sooner than B and the actual shoot always gets top priority. So B sits for a month while we’re gearing on A. Then A’s in post and I pick up B and start kicking it into high gear.

Basically, you can’t do eight things at the same time, but you can do eight different stages.

(Kate Hackett) #62

Do it when you’re ready! There’s no threshold. But I will say: it’s easier to be a success story if you come with at least 10 people. Get it going.

(Ollie R) #63

Do you have any mistakes you made early in your Patreon game that you’ve since corrected? Or things that you wish you’d known when you were first starting?

(Meg Carroway) #64

How do you decide what’s private and what’s public? Like part of being an online creator these days is being a little more transparent about your life, so where do you draw the line/how do you do it?

(Kate Hackett) #65

Yeah! Tom and I both co created The Long Dig. For that specific short, he gave it the bones and I cleaned up dialogue and added meat to those bones. It worked okay! We actually just mapped out Season One (OMG) and we sat down and made a huge timeline. We just talk. Brainstorm. If someone hates an idea, they shit all over it and we probably scrap it. Or not. It really depends on who you’re working with and what your mutual process is! It’s so individual.

(Jaime Lancaster) #66

Didn’t you say you took off your $1 perk level though??

(Kate Hackett) #67

…I wish I had a Patron in here to answer this.

I’m not totally sure! I think they’re excited to hear about each step of the process, which I can definitely give them. I try to do new things (photos, classes…) and post about those.

(Kate Hackett) #68

It definitely is a different job in TV, but where I am right now, with this indie stuff, it’s a catchall title that carries weight of creator, line producer, producer, exec.

(Bri Castellini) #69

Whaaaaat about… a still-running promotional thing you’re doing right now? :wink: :wink:

(Kate Hackett) #70

I’ve done Kickstarter & IndieGoGo. They’re both successful, but the difference is that KS provides this sense of urgency. YOU MIGHT FAIL. IGG is a little safer. I liked both! They’re both horribly stressful.

(Jaime Lancaster) #71

What tiers/perks have been most successful? I know you say people support because they like you… but is there a common price point/ offering that has been super popular?

(Kate Hackett) #72

Awesome question.

Yes. Having a $1 tier is a little silly when you also have a $3 one. Most people can afford $3, it’s not a huge difference. Just start there. If they want to donate a buck, they can just select “no perk”.

I also needed to talk it WAY up. Once I did that, it was gangbusters.

(Blair Hunter) #73

Was Seed&Spark an option back when you were crowdfunding? What’s your opinion of them?

(Blair Hunter) #74

And follow up: even though you have a Patreon, would you ever run an individual crowdfunding campaign again? In addition to Patreon, I mean.

(Kate Hackett) #75

I’ve struggled with this, honestly.

Obviously if I legally can’t post about something (ie, an NDA) that stays private. I won’t post about actual relationships for a while, though I do make light of dating pretty publicly because it’s fucking AWFUL. I don’t post about the details of my students (day job), I try to keep my actual physical location off the market, and I mostly make positive things public & difficult or sad things stay more private. That said, Patrons get more of an inside look at all of it.

(Bri Castellini) #76

What’s your position/strategy on talking it up/constantly reminding folks about your page but also not just being a spam machine?

(Kate Hackett) #77

You can contribute whatever you want! I explain on the Patreon page, down toward the bottom.

(Kate Hackett) #78

Oh jfc, Kate.


There is an exclusive perk for new Patrons or existing Patrons who up their pledges to/add $15. It includes Patreon-exclusive stickers, magnets, buttons, a personal letter from me, a signed photo… Again, limited time only. Once it’s gone, it’s GONE.

(Ollie R) #79

And what programs do you use to keep track of promoting? Just the platform pages? Or a scheduling tool?

(Kate Hackett) #80

If you visit you can see the number of Patrons in each tier. (I think? Can you??)