AMA with Kate Hackett!

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Sorry this started so late, guys - I’ll stick around for a few minutes for any stragglers.

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Almost forgot- @w-e-spear asked this in the pre-thread!

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Don’t blame Kate for this- it was all me!

(Jerome Keith) #105

Thanks Kate! I know you don’t like posting your content to Youtube. How was hosting your content on Amazon? Is there a different place you think is better to host content?

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I look for honesty. Intelligence – not of the character necessarily, but of the writing. Is it true? Is it real? I love that. And that exists in both comedy and drama.

(Sunny Larkson) #108

Thank you Kate! :heart:

(Kate Hackett) #109

I love Amazon. Highly recommend it.

(Bri Castellini) #110

Even after the monetization changes?

(Kate Hackett) #111

I’m LIVID about those, but even with the monetization, I’m making WAY more off Amazon than I EVER did from YT.

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ah shoot i missed it. hey kate! will read through the thread- i’m sure all my qs have been a’d.

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If not, write 'em up!

(Jerome Keith) #114

Has it helped you reach more viewers?

(Kate Hackett) #115

I think so! I’m not sure how many of them follow me over to Patreon – but admittedly, that’s a MUCH harder move than YT to Patreon. There’s no link to click and you’re watching on a TV, not a computer.

(Jerome Keith) #116

Awesome. You’ve been so helpful. Any extra tips for a creator just starting out?

To add a bit about me, I’m a writer who is also looking into voice acting.

(Kate Hackett) #117

Don’t make crap.


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Thanks, you guys!!! I’m off - I hope this was all really interesting and helpful. See you on the flip side (or when I have another show to promote, probably???)


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A shit, garbage job is what I am looking for right now. Just a simple 8am-5pm kind of job with steady pay and hours. It will help me build my savings back up while still performing in the evenings and weekends. And a steady pay would allow me to increase my monthly Patreon amount to you.

(Bri Castellini) #120

Might I also suggest barista-ing? That’s what I did for my shit garbage job after moving to NYC where the rent, as you might have heard, is too damn high :slight_smile: Barista-ing requires a lot less training than, say, waiting tables, you often still get tips, and there’s less pressure on food safety because you’re mostly dealing with beverages that are less stressful. With food there’s all these temperature rules and a whole thing about botulism