AMA With Noam Kroll

(Noam Kroll) #1

Hey Everyone! Excited to be here today and looking forward to your questions. A little background on myself -

I am a narrative film director based in Los Angeles, often working in the micro-budget realm. My most recent feature film (Shadows On The Road -, was made for only $12,000, and will be premiering next month at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood as a part of Dances With Films.

Having a background in cinematography and editing/color grading earlier in my career has led me to develop a very “DIY” approach to filmmaking, as I am very comfortable wearing multiple hats. In fact, I prefer it! In some cases, I’ve shot films with no crew at all, or with a skeleton crew of 3 - 7 people.

I am happy to answer any of your questions today, especially those relating to achieving high production value on a minimal budget, working with actors, screenwriting, cinematography, color correction, making a living as a filmmaker, getting exposure with your work, and staying motivated when you are the one doing nearly everything on a project!

I also run a popular filmmaking blog - - which I recommend checking out after the AMA, and includes loads of free resources and tools for filmmakers and content creators.

We've got an AMA for that!
(Bri Castellini) #2

Welcome, Noam! First question- when did you get into filmmaking?

(Bri Castellini) #3

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(Meg Carroway) #4

Please advise on this!!! (also welcome!)

(Noam Kroll) #5

Welcome, Noam! First question- when did you get into filmmaking?

Hey Bri! I started out fairly young, shooting videos in high school and teaching myself the basics of cameras and editing. That said, I didn’t really take it seriously until after I graduated from College (where I studied psychology) and was hired to shoot some local commercials and promo videos. That was when I realized I could actually make a living doing it.

(Jaime Lancaster) #6

Welcome Noam! When/why did you start your filmmaking blog?

(Anna Bateman) #7

You specifically mentioned color correction so I definitely want advice on that! I’m terrible at it!

(Noam Kroll) #8

Would be happy to elaborate on this! There are a few routes people typically take, most commonly working for a production company to freelancing. Personally, I’ve always taken a more entrepreneurial route and have found that a mix of freelancing, running a small production company, and also building a community online has allowed me to make a living while still having enough flexibility to shoot projects whenever I need to.

(Bri Castellini) #9

Have you ever worked on/ advised other folks about web series? What’s your experience (if any) with that format?

(Blair Hunter) #10

How do you fundraise for your projects? What options have you tried?

(Noam Kroll) #11

Welcome Noam! When/why did you start your filmmaking blog?

Hey Jamie! I started it about 6 years ago. At the time, I wanted a better online presence so if potential commercial clients were searching my name, something would come up. The site grew quite quickly and I realized I should stick with it and turn it into a resource that I could maintain over the long term. Now it’s become a big part of my business!

(Meg Carroway) #12

How did you go about building that online community? Was it around your blog or your actual content? Is there a difference in the way you go about it for each?

(Joseph Steven Heath) #13

I am also one of those do everything myself kind of guys, but I’m definitely not the best in all of the things that I do. Do you have any basic tips or pointers for color correction? Lighting? Those are two areas I’m still trying to improve in.

(Jaime Lancaster) #14

What do you attribute to that quick growth, marketing-wise? Just good SEO?

(Noam Kroll) #15

Hi Anna! My best general advice is always to keep it simple. If you can nail the look in camera and use only minor corrections in post to color balance/add some style to your images, that’s almost always best. Sometimes less is more. Today, I actually just launching a whole color grading course on my website - you might want to check it out after the AMA at

(sam lockie-waring) #16

hey man. i’m a production design guy myself, and i’m curious your advice on effective but cheap ways to make your locations look really really good.

(Jane) #17

How do you get exposure for your work?

(Noam Kroll) #18

Yes, absolutely. My good friend Gabe Reiter produced a web series called Bunk Heads. I didn’t work on the series myself, but shared some resources along the way and was able to watch them grow it from an idea to a beautiful finished product. In many ways, making a web series is very much like making a micro-budget feature film. At least from a tactical standpoint. The writing is going to be very different, but the nuts and bolts of production (and the headaches of dealing with limited funding) are just about the same.

(Bri Castellini) #19

Do you ever see yourself making a web series? Why or why not?

(Meg Carroway) #20

You say you like wearing multiple hats, but do you have a favorite? Writer, director, producer, ___? Why?