Any shows looking for new writers?

(Chris Hadley) #1

Does anyone know of any web series that might be looking for new writers? If so, please list them here along with contact info and job requirements. Hope this helps! Thanks!

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(Chris Hadley) #2

I currently write for my own show, The Late, Late News, but I’d also like to write for other shows just to grow my skills and gain experience.

I specialize in comedy, and I’m happy to share samples of my work with you. Please PM for more information. Thanks!

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(Paul Della Pelle) #3

Hey there filmwritr4 we have a series that could use some new episodes. “Near Human” - short form sci-fi. You can find it here on Stareable. Would love to check out some sample of your work!

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(Chris Hadley) #4

Thanks so much, Paul! My show The Late, Late News is also on Stareable, and I will send you some samples of my work (both produced and non-produced) soon!

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(Chris Hadley) #5
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(Yard Lion Films) #6

Hi there, I am looking for writers for our web series, TellyMime that is remotely produced.

I’d love to get in contact with you for a possibility of writing a few episodes for us. It is unpaid.

(Steven Bucky Butler) #7

Hello, I saw that you were looking for writers for your web series and I was wondering if that’s still the case. I’m based in Chicago so I don’t know if that’ll affect things but I just thought if you were looking for writers, I just throw my name in the hat.

I’m cool with working unpaid and I was wondering what your show TellyMime is about so I can get an idea of what kind of show I will be writing for possibly. Hope we can do business and I don’t know if you need more than one writer but again just thought I ask if the gig is still open.

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(Yard Lion Films) #8

Hi there, I will PM you more information.

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(Romane Orlando Robb) #9

You ever done sketch comedy?

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(Chris Hadley) #10

Yes I have. My web series The Late, Late News is a sketch comedy, and I have also written several skits outside of that show. Would be happy to send some samples. Thanks for asking, and I’d love to write for you!

(Chris Hadley) #11

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