Any1 want to make an exquisite corpse thread?

(Pia) #1

We were learning about exquisite corpses in class this week and I wanted to try on here!!! So many talented writers. Let’s write a story together one sentence at a time! you can post as many single sentences as you like but they can’t be one after another- that’s the only rule!

I’ll start…

Andy looked around the room, terrified and scrambling for a way to defend himself.

your turn!

(Blair Hunter) #2

Yanking the heavy glass lamp from its outlet, he brandished the decoration in front of him as the only source of light in the room extinguishes as a result.

(this was fun!!)

(Meg Carroway) #3

In the dark, stumbling backwards, Andy heard his own jagged breath overtaken in volume by the slow, steady laughter of the doll.