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Hey everyone, I am an independent filmmaker based in Maine. For the past two years my creative partners and I have been doing an underground comedy series called “THE SLIM DUFFY SHOW!” It follows a local fool named Slim Duffy who goes out of his way to mind his own business but is constantly being harassed and bullied by all the creeps and degenerates in the neighborhood.

If you like politically incorrect humor, it’s right up your alley. The best way i can describe it is Forrest Gump meets Bananas In Pajamas. We are 24 episodes in and counting!

Check us out on Facebook and YouTube!

Official YouTube
Official Instagram

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(Deb Ethier) #154

Hey All! I’m Deb Ethier from Canada. I’m a bit of an Oxymoronic Anomaly (an “old newbie”; “experienced greenhorn”, etc.). Started making animated films very late in life and have a little bit of experience there, but this is my first high dive into the making of a web series. “22 Bones, the Adventures of Yorick, a Skull” was born from 4 shorts I did, but was never entirely happy with. I realized that they needed the episodic treatment, so I worked backwards and pretty much started from scratch - same basic ideas and characters, but lots of new footage, more complete story arcs, new material, etc. It’s a really quirky series; micro-short episodes (1.5 - 4 minutes), mixed-media animation. I do everything; script, music, voices, puppets, sets, animation, art, etc. I guess you could say I’m a control freak… The thing that I’m really, really terrible at is marketing (seems to be a universal problem); I really don’t know how to categorize the series or who the true target audience is because it’s so, well…odd, I guess. I do want to really thank Bri and her articles and blog entries, however, for showing me the way to get started. Anyway, you can probably tell I’m also incredibly long-winded, so I’ll stop here…for now!

(Herman Wang) #155

What part of Canada? There are a lot of us web series makers here in Toronto :slight_smile:

(Deb Ethier) #156

The most Southern part of Canada you can get to - south of Windsor, ON! We’re even south of Michigan here!

(Zachary Just) #157

Hey everyone!

  1. Name - Zachary Just
  2. Location - Milwaukee, WI
  3. Web series made (if any) - Senior Living . We made a pilot episode and a holiday short. Right now we’re working on a multiple shorts and another full length episode.
  4. Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc) - Writing and directing.
  5. The film thing you’re best at - Writing…I think…
  6. The film thing you’re worst at - Marketing. I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t even get people to sign up for my email list.

Really happy to be here! Please check out my series and any feedback is very much appreciated!

(Mickey Oh) #158


My name is Mickey. I’m originally from Japan, but based in Los Angeles, CA.

I got an on-going mini-Doc/Bio web series, and am looking for some collaborators for cast and crew.
WALK TO FAME (need to improve the production value though)

Also developing a comedy/drama series.

I’m a director and writer, occasionally produce and edit too.

I’m good at creating ideas, directing, and writing (even though my English is not perfect and willing to work with other writers)

I don’t do well on the business side like funding, marketing, networking, pitching, and etc. But I want to improve it.

I’m happy to find this site and look for connecting with like minded people. Your comments and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Fournier) #159

Hi. I’m Jonathan; a playwright/screenwriter/producer based in Montreal. I shout half a season of my first webseries in 2018 and we’re in post-production now. I’ve started browsing here in the lead up for our release.

  1. Jonathan Fournier
  2. Montreal, QC, Canada
  3. My first webseries is Unicorn included, which has a trailer available here: (and a Facebook page at
  4. I mainly consider myself a writer and producer, though have performed various roles on projects (and act in this series).
  5. The film thing you’re best at… writing I guess?
  6. The film thing you’re worst at… finding editors.

Happy to be here!

(Mike Dreyden) #160

Hello everyone.

I’ve been a part of Stareable from the very beginning. Or at least it’s first year or so? I can’t remember now.

Name: Mike Dreyden
Location: New York City
Web series made: LAST CALL WEB SERIES
Preferred film roles: (director and/or actor) but I find creating my own opportunites is what’s gotten me this far.
The film thing you’re best/worst at: I don’t know if I’m the best or worst at either of these things. I just try to do the best I can to bring mine or someone’s vision to life.

(Allan Darius Brown) #161

Name- The film thing you’re worst at Allan Brown (dariusofwest)
Location- Northeast Ohio
Web Series Made- Hog Derby Duels
Other Projects- I also compose music for YouTube videos/animations and indie video games ^_^.
Preferred film roles- Director, Voice Casting/Direction, Music Composing
Film thing I’m best at- Music Composing
Film thing I’m worst at- Script Writing

(Stuart Mirsky) #162

Stuart W. Mirsky
New York City
Reason for my interest here:

I’m a writer who completed an historical novel in 1996, spent two years trying to find an agent or publisher, gave up in 1998 and self-published the book. To my surprise it went on to sell 1300+ copies, earned me over $3200 in royalties and gave me some small credibility as an author. (My wife was pleased, as well, because I got back more in royalties than I paid the POD company.) I went on to write a number of other books as well.

My first novel, The King of Vinland’s Saga, about a fictional Norse attempt to settle North America from Greenland, can be found to this day on Amazon though it doesn’t sell much anymore (given the advent of many new Norse related novels): The King of Vinland's Saga (9780738801520): Stuart W Mirsky: Books

I originally wrote it because a colleague of mine, who had been involved in film production in his earlier life, wanted to find a story he could make into a film. In the event, he couldn’t raise the funds and I just went ahead and self-published as described. Surprisingly in the early 2000s I received two queries for the book about film rights, one from a self-described investor in films in California and the other, a few years later, from an individual who described himself as a Scottish director, looking for a property to do with vikings. Nothing came of either though I did have a contract with an agent for a year as a result of that first book.

Recently, I was contacted by an aspiring film director in Italy re: another book I had written, also inquiring about film rights but it doesn’t seem as if he’s been able to raise the funds either. So it seems this is a VERY tough business (as if I had to tell anyone here that). Stumbling onto this site of yours though, it hit me that perhaps the way to move this sort of stuff along is if people joined forces. Although I wrote a screenplay for my first novel back when I had an agent for it (at her suggestion), all my manuscripts for that novel and screenplay were lost in the flood we had here In New York from Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. And I haven’t the energy or focus to do the screenplay again (given that I am now engaged in writing another novel – my preferred form). But what if an interested screenwriter here were to join forces with me and, say, that film director in Italy (or perhaps the earlier inquirer from Scotland) to put together a package for a producer?

On the Norse thing, in fact, there is a lot of interest on the film side these days (History Channel’s Vikings, Netflix/BBC’s The Last Kingdom, and, of course, George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones on HBO). With the hunger for story content growing in the cable and streaming industries, perhaps the way to gain entry to that market is not via any single one of us going it alone but through a collaboration that could combine the work of a novelist, screenwriter and director to put together a package that could have appeal to the production side of the industry.

It’s hard to get agents and harder still to get to producers but perhaps a collaboration could work to reduce the odds against the lone artist? Even doing something on a small scale via YouTube might be a good start and a downpayment on access to a larger and more lucrative venue.

Anyway, that’s my reason for having joined this site: to find possible collaborators for my work, starting with the Norse novel I wrote about Vikings and Indians in 11th century North America though not necessarily limited to that one!

If anyone’s interested I can be contacted through Stareable or directly through



(Lisa Ebersole) #163

37 PROBLEMS (Xfinity, Whohaha, Amazon, Stareable)
Writer, Actor, Director, Producer
Best at: getting shit done. I’ve never not finished a film. Casting. Instagram daily
Worst at: time management, perfectionism (see time mgmt), hiring producers

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(Eleanor Gaver) #164

Hi there! I’m Eleanor. I’m new to the community. I am a writer/director working with a family of actors to create social satire in the hopes of making people laugh in these dark times. We are a diverse, inclusive group and we do our best to offend everyone equally. Our new web series Tripolar can be found at

Please let me know about your web series. I believe in supporting fellow artists!

(Sherry M Shephard-Massat) #165

Hi, Patrick! My name is Sherry and I live in Atlanta too. I just ran across this site and am totally excited! I’m a professional playwright, have worked in film, studied tv writing, extremely interested in your project and possibly getting involved since you’re right here in town. I love the look of SCALES and would just like to be of service so that I could maybe learn how to do my own web series. It’s certainly a new medium and I’ve got several episodes of a show ready to go, but I don’t make films. I’m at a crossroads, but would really like to maybe be part of your team What say, cat man?

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(Franca Paschen) #166

Hi all! My name is Franca Paschen and I’m an NYC based actor, writer, producer. My first web series Critically Ashamed is currently in post production. Our trailer just dropped which is very exciting since it’s my first dip in the web pool.

Best at: acting, organizing shoots, producing on a small budget
Worst at: live events, anything press related
It’s really cool to see how many of you are putting out dope independent content and shoutout to Stareable for providing this platform to connect and discover each others work!
(Sherry M Shephard-Massat) #167

Man, Franca! That was MONSTER!! I’m not an actor, I’m a writer and the dialogue is crisp; the whole thing gives us so much in, what, three minutes! I’d luv’ to be a background black person (to add some more color, girl!) I’m in New York a lot for work stuff and would enjoy that. This looks like a winner for sho’! Congrats and great work.

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(Franca Paschen) #168

Thank you so much! Definitely we’d love to have you on in the future! We’re @critically_ashamed_show on Instagram. We post casting calls on our page. Would love to link up! :slight_smile:

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(Elaine White) #169

Hi Stareable Community!

Long time listener, first time caller. My name is Elaine and I’m a filmmaker in NYC. I’m currently producing and DPing a series called Big Girl, a socially conscious comedic web series that explores the experience of a plus-size woman living and dating in New York City. I’ve DPed on one other web series (Rent a Friend) and many other short form projects with my small all-female production company called Brazen NYC. I edit full-time for Scary Mommy.

Preferred film roles: writing, directing, editing, and DP
The film thing I’m best at: editing, planning shots, social media marketing design
The film thing I’m worst at: anything that has to do with money

I’m very excited to join this brilliant community!

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(Steven Moity) #170
  1. Name: Steven
  2. Location: New York
  3. Web series in pre-production: Waiter’s Way
  4. Preferred film roles: writer/actor
  5. The film thing you’re best at: Communication (Always!)
  6. The film thing you’re worst at: Resisting Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
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(Trip Collins) #171

Hi, all!
My name is Trip, and
I’m in Rockland County, NY - a (very small … and particularly aerodynamic) stone’s throw north of NYC.
I have not made any web series (yet).
I’ve been an actor for the past 10 years, and I’ve also done various other-side-o’-the-camera things on a set or three. I’ve begun exploring and learning about filmmaking and have made a few micro-films, mostly on my own, and I’m very much wanting to find other people to make films with and learn from. I’m most interested in cinematography and editing … but I find so much more of it really fascinating (even sound, though I feel like sound post-production is probably far from my strength)!
I’m very happy to be here … and excited to meet y’all!