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  1. Name - Christopher Hernandez
  2. Location - North Hollywood
  3. Web series made (if any) - Moved In (First two episodes on YouTube! :grin: )
  4. Preferred film roles - Writer
  5. The film thing you’re best at - Writing/Story structure, also directing actors
  6. The film thing you’re worst at - Having a vision for the actual camerawork

Here’s the first episode to our show!

The main thing I’m learning is promotion/marketing, and getting the overall word out there. My roommate and I have a YouTube channel together that’s primarily dedicated to web series and shorts, and we’ve just started uploading.
Hoping to have some insightful discussions on here! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. My name is Tony. I’m a french independent director, screenwriter and producer.
I started making videos 3 years ago. I made 2 short films and now, I’m actually working on my first webseries and I’ll be glad to show some of my work before its release.

I also made a music video, you can watch it below. The song is in french but you don’t need to understand the lyrics to understand the story. The title “si tu m’avais dit” means “if you had told me”.

I live in Paris and I’ll be in New York in two weeks. Holla at me if you want to talk about movies, tv shows, Paris or anything else.

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Hello Stareable community,

My name is Jon Massey and I am in Los Angeles.
I’ve been on the site for just a short while as I’ve embarked on creating a web series and found this site invaluable. Thank you to the site owners and community. Some really great stuff on here.

My current series is in post production. I’ve created a preliminary website as I get the real one up and running. As they say, you can never start marketing soon enough.

Here is the site:
Frank James series

My preferred role is as writer / director. I’ve done enough producing in my time to know how to do it but it’s not my goal.

I’ve been working in the film / tv industry for quite some time so I’ve done a little bit of everything. Currently I work in visual effects so am comfortable in post and I used to work as a camera assistant so am comfortable in production.

Marketing, branding, social media and shameless self promotion are all the things I’m not great at. But I’m learning.

Nothing teaches you like jumping in and doing it yourself.

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Hey, I’m John Helde, I’m a filmmaker now based in Seattle, started my career in NYC. I directed a new series called CUDDLE we’re releasing soon: a quirky, young cuddle therapist sets out to change the world with the power of touch, but the hardest person to hug might just be herself.

Really happy with how the show’s turned out and it’s been fun collaborating with a team that includes our creator/writer Adeline Colangelo, producer Constanze Villines, and lead/co-producer Hope Shanthi.

We met a number of you when the CUDDLE pilot played Stareable Fest 2018. The fest was fantastic - great work and insightful presenters! This past month we screened at the Seattle International Film Festival and met other series creators there, including the folks from Short Term Rental.

We expect to have the show out end of this month. You can find CUDDLE on Facebook, and on the web.

More on my other filmmaking endeavors, including features and documentaries at

Thanks to Stareable for creating this amazing community. Looking forward to getting to know all your shows.


Yo this is Jonathan from Killing it! We had a great time meeting you last Stareable fest. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!


Hey Film Fam! Like most of you, I was online searching for great ways to promote my new webseries when Stareable popped up. Didn’t take long to sign up! I’m a writer/director/producer looking for great networking opportunities in the Los Angeles area, and to share great stories with one another! I hope you’ll check out my series below, and if you like it, keep in touch! ~Samuel W. Reed

  1. Name: Samuel W. Reed
  2. Location: Los Angeles
  3. Web series made: Current Between Us (, Previous The Human Condition (
  4. Preferred film roles: Writer/Director/Producer
  5. The film thing you’re best at: Writing/Development/Story/Visualization
  6. The film thing you’re worst at: What’s that thingamajigger do? (tech, post production, & marketing)

Hey Guys,

I like most of you accidentally found this site, I hope to learn things from you all. I’m mainly an Actor who has helped out as a runner on set. So here to find out how to get a web series funded.

  1. Name - Wyn Hopkins
  2. Location - Cardiff, Wales
  3. Web series made (if any) - Snap ( in production)
  4. Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc) - Actor
  5. The film thing you’re best at - Actor
  6. The film thing you’re worst at - DOP
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Hey there everybody!
I am fairly new here. My partner and I did attend Stareable Fest 2019 and really enjoyed it and were inspired. I am mainly a director/producer looking for other creative filmmaking outlets aside from the grueling, often financially draining indy feature process. Currently attempting to raise funds to finish out season one of my first web series.

1.Name - Paul DellaPelle
2. Location - San Luis Obispo, California
3. Web series made - “Near Human”
4. Preferred film roles (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor)
5. The film thing you’re best at - Director
6. The film thing you are worst at - contract negotiations

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Hey! I am the creator of Horse Head, a series of transmissions (pictures and text) representing the adventures of an extra-dimensional alien on Earth #270. Season Zero will start regular transmissions on September 10. There will be a weekly 60-second video transmission, along with other materials that will explain the situation on Earth #270. Horse Head Season Zero will run 52 weeks. Looking forward to the “slow rollout” journey!

Still working on getting the website up and running, but for now, I’m Horse_Head_Show on Instagram. (Since the transmissions will be 60 seconds, they will fit on Instagram Any thoughts on that? Anyone know of anyone that has tried to craft a narrative on Instagram?)

My previous show was called Next to Heaven. I remixed public domain films, creating new and unusual narratives. Next To Heaven

Rob Parrish

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Hi All!

I just discovered this site yesterday, so very new here. I moved to Paris about 2 years ago to work as a freelance video producer. There, I kind of fell into producing, writing, directing, filming, editing, and acting in a narrative web series based on my own life as a gay Latino living in Europe called, “Intermediate French.” I produced 3 episodes in France and am currently editing the 4th and final one after having moved back to the Bay Area last spring.

At this point, I’m hoping to share and market this project as much as a possible and build a community of other filmmakers. I’ve also built a network of creatives in Paris and happy to connect others with talent abroad. Lastly, I’m currently on the hunt for a full-time in-house video producer/ videographer role in LA but always happy to collaborate in the bay area in the meantime!

Series Link: 'Intermediate French' Web Series — David Carrillo

1.Name - David Carrillo
2. Location - SF Bay Area, California (looking to relocate to LA Area soon)
3. Web series made - Intermediate French
4. Preferred film roles: Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
5. The film thing you’re best at - Creative conception and execution, delivering quality with little to no budget, production management, editing, making my sets a safe space
6. The film thing you are worst at - Least experienced with working on productions with more than 6 crew members, professional cinema cameras/lenses/rigs, blocking dialogue-heavy scenes

  1. Chris Greenaway
  2. Winnipeg, Canada
  3. I’ve created several shows in the last 11 years. Camp Bloody Beach, Venus Spa, Chad’s Angels, NINJAS, Double Agents, The Young and the Undead, Midnight Owl TV, (on Roku,) and Midnight Owl Skits.
  4. I write, direct, produce, edit, do lighting.
  5. Directing and editing. I’m also pretty good at promoting and building an audience.
  6. Monetizing.

Hello everyone! My name is Robbie Tucker and I am brand new to this website. I just checked out an episode of the podcast this morning and really loved it. I am currently in the stage of pre-releasing my web series, The Boy In The Bathroom Sink. Now I’ll be honest I really had no idea what I was doing when I started this project. And I’m not really even a filmmaker I am a musician. But I’d been making some videos for my music ( ) and I just kind of fell in love with the process.

I am currently at the stage where I would normally upload my project to YouTube and then have no one ever watch it but since I spent so much time and put so much effort into this m, nearly 2 years in fact I thought it might be worth the time to try and release it properly, ha ha. At the moment all the social media content that I have for the series is the Facebook page is which you can check out here;

This is a three episode series. Episodes 1&2 are 40 minutes and the final episode is 60 minutes. This series uses a lot of my previously released music and also music from other artists as well as new music from myself.

Okay that’s all for now. I look forward to connecting with you!

Radically yours,

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I started off the same way, making music videos and then moving into web series :slight_smile:


Name: TPralinus, here let’s be a Misérable
Location: Paris (can’t collaborate with any of you guys)
Web series made (if any): Working on Ze Vlog of a Misérable. I’m trying to advertise it.
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): Writer, actor, I also really like editing (which is ironic since my first episodes are barely edited) and I do comics too so I like to draw.
The film thing you’re best at: having conceptual ideas nobody quite has and that are impossible to sell. Writing.
The film thing you’re worst at: advertising myself (found useful advice here, gonna dig. Thanks).

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Loved Wish Weasel

Hi All,

I discovered this website through twitter.- My name is Ricky.

I’m a career music producer from NY, now indie artist / record label. I distribute my songs through my own label - Anirhythm.

I don’t like the title “jack of all trades”, because it can imply that i didn’t love something enough to master it, my creative career started as a DJ, and my main skill is studying a crowd and making them smile. Everything I’ve learned since has been to enhance that ability.

I was part of a major music production team for a little over 25 years, have received several awards. I then went independent and started my own label when the music industry was falling apart and at its worst lol.

i was first a dj, then I got into pro music as an arranger / editor, then I became a composer, then a programmer, then associate / assistant producer, then full producer, then indie artist, then cg artist, then stareable forum lol.

when I left the mainstream industry and went indie, I no longer had corporate support. my main focus was paying bills, staying alive… and doing what I knew best, making music. So, if I wanted to stay competitive, I had to learn production, mixing, mastering in more detail, cg and animation to make visuals for album covers and videos to promote my music releases. In the corporate days they had a specialist for every aspect of production, ultimately my “specialty” was midi programmer / producer…when the team leaders were out, I was left overseeing the projects. as an indie, I had to fill in the blanks. segway, jack of all trades …but I’d rather say I’m a survivor and I didn’t quit when I couldn’t get help.

In the process I learned some CG / Animation skills , and found that many of the production work flows in music applied to film. I got skilled enough to do freelance animation work with an upcoming film producer. ( and a big shout out to him, he was a life saver when I first transitioned to indie )

I’ve learned enough cg to consider an animated web series or even a film short - but in reality, it’s always been about new ways to promote my music.

here are 2 music videos I’ve made -

I can do better, but I don’t know my best since some of the things I’ve learned to do far exceed the time I can spend doing them all! “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Leonardo da Vinci - this is especiallly true when rent is due lol!!

Anyways, that said, I’m here to make new friends, learn and find inspiration. <3

Wonderful to meet you all,



Hey everybody!

My name is Jordan McKinney and I’m a filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. I’m currently working on a web series that I write, direct, edit and act in about the relationship between the head writer and the star of a talk show done in the tone of emo Soundcloud rap. I use a fun camcorder that I pass around between the actors and construct the soundtrack off musicians I come in contact with on Soundcloud.

I think I’m great at putting things together and getting things done.
I’m not great with the technical aspects of filmmaking and that’s why I’ve put together this project so that I can learn everything about filmmaking at the same time.

Excited to be a part of this community and check out my show if you want to see what I’m working on! This Week In The NFL


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I’m Paul, I’m one of the creators at The Animus Workshop. We are a small production company from the UK and are looking to connect with more like minded individuals.

We are on the cusp of releasing our first web series and would really appreciate tips in the best ways of getting it out there an expanding our audience further.

You can check out the rest of our content, including some short films we created here: YouTube

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Check out the #marketing posts for advice on expanding your audience!

Hello! I was excited to find that there’s a forum for people just like us… we’ve been making a webseries for nearly two years, basically just to make ourselves laugh, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’d genuinely like to have people see it.

We have done this series in a completely uncollaborative way: we’ve never once worked together on an episode. He does his part and I respond, and vice versa. We don’t know what the other person has done until their part is delivered.

We finished the six-episode first season earlier this year and just released the first episode of season two yesterday. I hope you’ll take a look, and I look forward to seeing what everyone else here is working on.

Sad Men Season 1
Sad Men Season 2

  1. Dan (and Stephen)
  2. Washington, DC area
  3. Sad Men
  4. Just happy making this
  5. In filmmaking? Working within a budget of almost always zero dollars.
  6. Finding an audience for our webseries. (And acting?)