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This will help! How To Write (and Use) a Press Release


That’s impressive. Great to see. I took a quick look and I think American audiences would enjoy the content too.

This article is soooo helpful and I’m currently using it as a guide as I prepare to send out my press release for my series Rent-A-Friend. Thanks, Bri!


Hey there! My name is Harmony “Hbomb” Austin, and I’m a Theatre Performance and Production major with an emphasis in Dramatic Writing at Texas State. I’m currently working on my first web series called World’s Worst Cover Band where I’m writing, directing, and producing the series! We have a Facebook and Instagram page so far. I’m working on the trailer right now and hope to put it online soon!!
I’m very new at film, but so far I’m good at promoting the work, and I’m not so good at working the equipment (luckily I have a team who knows and can help me out!)


Hello, Stareable community! Is there are any fans of Stalker, Chernobyl, Metro 2033 or Stranger Things, who always wondering how does post-apocalyptic Russia look like?
Here comes me with zero budget, a lot of work and passion, so if it`s not something good, it at least going to be funny :smiley:

  1. Name - Christina Kirillova
  2. Location - Russia, Irkutsk
  3. Web series made (if any) - Grohauga . We shoot around 20 episodes and slowly uploading
  4. Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc…) - Writing and acting
  5. The film thing you’re best at - As many folks here - definitely writing (and translating, haha, hopefully, I shouldn`t be sorry for my English too often)
  6. The film thing you’re worst at - As many folks here - marketing. That is why I`m writing this message :smiley:

Grohauga is something in between web series and vlog, and we have a lot of plans and stories in one lore to shoot on post-soviet buildings. Even if you, who are reading it is not my audience, I could be thankful for any advice where should I post or shout or tell or search for the audience. If you help and Grohauga gets viral, I`ll send everyone who helped our inner lore goodies like canned meat from this episode

Thanks for stopping by and reading!



I’ve been reading your site but never joined to the community.

  1. Anthony
  2. Austin, TX
  3. trying to finish one
  4. Writer/Director
  5. writing and ideas
  6. so new I cant say yet.



Hey, i’m Jo - i’m completely new here

I’m from Denmark, I live in a very small town called Uldum
I’ve never made a web series, I have made a couple of very amateur short films
I love everything in the film production, but my preferred roles are director, writer, producer, editing or maybe actor

I’m probably best at writing and acting (done acting for 8 years) but my biggest passion out of all is directing, and I think i’m fairly good at it

The thing i’m worst at, is procrastinating and writers block, and i’m a bit of a perfectionist

Please, contact me at any time with anything - i’m really trying to establish some contacts seeing as i live in a small town where people really don’t share my huge passion for film and filmmaking

my email is
and here is a link for my youtube if you’d want to see some of my poor work YouTube


Hi everyone! My name is NaLonni, I’m in Cali. I’ve written a web series collaboratively with about 5 other women. We are in the shot list process and running into some issue due to this coronavirus shut down but pushing through.

The film thing I’m best at, showing up for the work. I have no idea what film thing I’m worst at because I do not know yet. I’m looking forward to learning and working with people.

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Hello, Newbie here!

Name: Van Doan
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Web series: Analysis Paralysis, romantic comedy.

Preferred film roles: Writer & Director.
Best at: Problem Solving, Editing, Location Sound
Worst at: Asking people to help



My name is Chris, I’m from Scranton, PA, and I hope to call myself a webseries creator in the near future. I’ve been writing for a long time, and recently I put together a finished script, one I think that works and I want to pursue. I came to Stareable because I started using Google searches to find articles on how to make a webseries. Other than writing I’ve also acted on stage, and I have no clue how to do the technical things of shooting and editing. Alright, introduction complete!

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Hi Chris,
I didn’t know much about the technical things when I started, but I found web series to be a great way to learn by doing :slight_smile:

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That is, ultimately, The Plan™

Hey all. Rob Mabry here, I’m a writer/director/producer from San Antonio, TX. I’ve made a dozen or so short films and started work on my first web series back in March as a way to pass the Covid-time.

The show, Legion of Terror HR, is a comedy about an HR director working for the Legion of Terror, the world’s third-most feared council of super villains. We’ve completed four episodes and have two more in production.

I enjoy the writing and editing process the most, sort of where it begins and ends. Building trust on set and leading a crew are things I think I do well. Mastering lighting and color grading are things I will continue to work at.

I’ve never tried to get a web series off the ground, so happy to find a community looking to do the same.

Question: How long does it generally take to get a show approved? Submitted over a week ago and my submissions is still pending.

Hi Rob, welcome!

The Stareable team is in NYC and I can imagine things are not running at normal pace there right now, but I’ll tag @ajay just in case.

If you’re a beginner at colouring, there are some 101-style articles I wrote on this forum, for example: Colour Correction Primer

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Got it. Thanks Herman. I’ll take a look.

Rob, My apologies (and Herman, thanks for tagging me in). Your submission slipped but you should be all set. Thank you for your patience. If there’s anything else I can help with, feel free to reach out.

Hi all! New official Stareable member but frequent lurker on the site.

My name is Nicole Martinez but I’ll answer to just Nicole. I’m currently based in a very small apartment in New York City.

I’m actually in the ~post-production~ phase of my first but hopefully not last web-series! It’s called Dead-Enders and, inspired by a bunch of antsy artists yearning to create during quarantine, is a comedy series about a group of doomsday preppers during the zombie apocalypse. And it’s filmed entirely via Zoom! Check out the first ep.

I usually prefer to write and dabble in acting when I can easily write myself into stuff.

Things that I’m worst at: Estimating the size of Tupperware container needed for the amount of leftovers we have.
Things that I am the best at: Eating the leftovers that don’t fit into aforementioned Tupperware.


Hey guys, i’m from Australia and we are releasing our first ever webseries as a new production company.
We filmed it all during lock down and episode 1 is ready to watch on our YouTube channel. We are Shape House Productions and the show is called Housemates.

The show is about 4 housemates who live together and keep a video diary of how much they hate each other. It’s a comedy and we hope you can enjoy it!

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Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well! My name is Thomas Brazzle and I am based in Atlanta, GA. My production team made our first web series, Infinite Jest, which you can find here on Stareable as well at our production company site:

I love writing, directing and acting, not necessarily in that order. I look forward to learning from all of you and seeing the great things you all are creating!!

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Hey, my name is Deams and I’m a NYC-based filmmaker and creator of the web series DRAGON|SUNRISE|ANARCHY.

I like finding ways to helps sets go green and have a 3BR-worth of space to improve in the marketing department.

My series follows an ageless mayor, his train wreck of a son, a future arsonist, and an impulsive romantic who try to carry on with their lives as a vengeful serial killer starts manipulating their lives, and we’re currently in the Newcomers 2 showcase at the New York Lift-Off Film Fest!

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