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(John Helde) #182

Hey, I’m John Helde, I’m a filmmaker now based in Seattle, started my career in NYC. I directed a new series called CUDDLE we’re releasing soon: a quirky, young cuddle therapist sets out to change the world with the power of touch, but the hardest person to hug might just be herself.

Really happy with how the show’s turned out and it’s been fun collaborating with a team that includes our creator/writer Adeline Colangelo, producer Constanze Villines, and lead/co-producer Hope Shanthi.

We met a number of you when the CUDDLE pilot played Stareable Fest 2018. The fest was fantastic - great work and insightful presenters! This past month we screened at the Seattle International Film Festival and met other series creators there, including the folks from Short Term Rental.

We expect to have the show out end of this month. You can find CUDDLE on Facebook, and on the web.

More on my other filmmaking endeavors, including features and documentaries at

Thanks to Stareable for creating this amazing community. Looking forward to getting to know all your shows.

(Jonathan Kaplan) #183

Yo this is Jonathan from Killing it! We had a great time meeting you last Stareable fest. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!

(Samuel W. Reed) #184

Hey Film Fam! Like most of you, I was online searching for great ways to promote my new webseries when Stareable popped up. Didn’t take long to sign up! I’m a writer/director/producer looking for great networking opportunities in the Los Angeles area, and to share great stories with one another! I hope you’ll check out my series below, and if you like it, keep in touch! ~Samuel W. Reed

  1. Name: Samuel W. Reed
  2. Location: Los Angeles
  3. Web series made: Current Between Us (, Previous The Human Condition (
  4. Preferred film roles: Writer/Director/Producer
  5. The film thing you’re best at: Writing/Development/Story/Visualization
  6. The film thing you’re worst at: What’s that thingamajigger do? (tech, post production, & marketing)
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(Wyn Hopkins) #185

Hey Guys,

I like most of you accidentally found this site, I hope to learn things from you all. I’m mainly an Actor who has helped out as a runner on set. So here to find out how to get a web series funded.

  1. Name - Wyn Hopkins
  2. Location - Cardiff, Wales
  3. Web series made (if any) - Snap ( in production)
  4. Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc) - Actor
  5. The film thing you’re best at - Actor
  6. The film thing you’re worst at - DOP
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(Paul Della Pelle) #186

Hey there everybody!
I am fairly new here. My partner and I did attend Stareable Fest 2019 and really enjoyed it and were inspired. I am mainly a director/producer looking for other creative filmmaking outlets aside from the grueling, often financially draining indy feature process. Currently attempting to raise funds to finish out season one of my first web series.

1.Name - Paul DellaPelle
2. Location - San Luis Obispo, California
3. Web series made - “Near Human”
4. Preferred film roles (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor)
5. The film thing you’re best at - Director
6. The film thing you are worst at - contract negotiations

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(Rob Parrish) #187

Hey! I am the creator of Horse Head, a series of transmissions (pictures and text) representing the adventures of an extra-dimensional alien on Earth #270. Season Zero will start regular transmissions on September 10. There will be a weekly 60-second video transmission, along with other materials that will explain the situation on Earth #270. Horse Head Season Zero will run 52 weeks. Looking forward to the “slow rollout” journey!

Still working on getting the website up and running, but for now, I’m Horse_Head_Show on Instagram. (Since the transmissions will be 60 seconds, they will fit on Instagram Any thoughts on that? Anyone know of anyone that has tried to craft a narrative on Instagram?)

My previous show was called Next to Heaven. I remixed public domain films, creating new and unusual narratives. Next To Heaven

Rob Parrish

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