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(Kevin Longa) #21

@danielmhart Just watched the first 2 episodes of season 1. Your series looks great! The chemistry you have with your sis is hilarious!

(Daniel Hart) #22


Thanks so much for checking it out! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Katie and I definitely play well off of each other, which I attribute to the fact that we’re actually siblings (I think that’s a hard relationship to fake onscreen). Also, she has a lot of natural talent, so it’s easy for me to sponge off of that.

If you liked the first two episodes, you should definitely check out the rest! They get even better as they go on. And of course, sharing it with friends and family is a huge help for us.


(Jonathan Hardesty) #23

Welcome to the site! Your show looks great, and as soon as I get through this hell week of work projects, I’ll give it a look-see!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #24

Welcome, fellow filmmaker! I’m in a similar boat, except add editing to the writing skillset. I’ve mostly done directing for voice actors, which can be daunting in different ways, but it’s been fun learning. Hope to see you around!

(Jonathan Hardesty) #25

Welcome! Your show sounds pretty awesome. Gonna check it out when I get the chance. Also in the same boat as vlogging and social media has become a bit of a challenge for me. :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Hardesty) #26

Welcome and howdy-do to you! Can’t wait to share insight and experience with you here on the forum!!

(Kevin Bhall) #27

Hi Everyone !
My name is Kevin Bhall and I’m from Trinidad!
I’ve made some short animations before that I’d be glad to share …if we can post links!

I’m working on a project called Scraps- The Animated Series !

I often perform most if not all of the roles of my short films ! Animation especially is not much of an industry in Trinidad at the moment, although I’m trying to change that!

I’d say i’m best at animating and worst at managing stuff on social media.
As a lone creator, balancing these two things is very difficult!
Kevin Bhall

PS : Here is a taste of the world of Scraps!
Scraps Beach Day AMA

(Daniel Hart) #28

Wow! That looks awesome. I’m a fan of animation and your art looks great. Can’t wait to see more.

(Kevin Longa) #29

Will do, Daniel! I know what you mean about sibling dynamics… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Travis Grossi) #30

Hi all! Just signed up, excited to be here:

  1. Travis Grossi
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Webseries: Travisty (finished post, figuring out release process, festivals, schedule, etc)
  4. Writer, director, actor, editor
  5. The film thing I’m best at: writing dialogue
  6. The film thing I’m worst at: having patience (also applies to my life, generally :slightly_smiling_face:)

(Travis Grossi) #31

I also have a question - still poking around on the forums so apologies if this is answered somewhere (or isn’t supposed to be asked here?)

We just finished post on our series and now I’m figuring out the release schedule and also beginning to research festivals (discovering all the work that happens after you’re “done”). Is it ok to release the series and then apply to festivals, or is it best to submit to festivals before it’s online anywhere? Are most festivals ok with entries that are currently streaming?

(Bri Castellini) #32

Best practices is to just post a new topic in the main forum if you have questions by clicking “start a conversation” :slight_smile:

That said, it’s a web series. It’s gonna be crazy for someone to deny you from a festival if your web series was put on the web. I can’t even think of a case where that has happened. That’s more of a short and feature thing, because one of the goals for festival inclusions for those is distribution, which isn’t as much of a thing for web series.

(Daniel Hart) #33

Hey Travis, welcome.

I agree with Bri’s post, but I’d also add that if there are any specific festivals you know you’d like to enter, you should just check their requirements before you release the series. It shouldn’t be an issue, but you never know and you don’t want to be disappointed later on.

(Anthony Bennett) #34

Hi, my name is Tony W. Bennett. I live in Dallas, TX.

Thank you for letting me join shareable! when I heard about it, I thought it was exactly what I’ve been looking for as a place to hopefully bring more visibility to my web series, “The Ant’one Bennington Show!”

Here is a link to a show from season 1:

It’s a talk show format in which I play host, producer, and a multitude of characters that are guests of the show. I am currently at 6 episodes (5 in season 1 + 1 in season 2)

I write all of my own material, including a stand-up set for a comedian I created

It’s mostly shot on green-screen, and I even added laugh tracks and graphics to give it a “real feel”

I also have a more serious science series that I occasionally post there as well

I enjoy all aspects of the T.V. and film industry, but I love acting the most and have appeared on shows like, "Murder Made Me Famous, Scandal Made Me Famous, and The Price of Fame (Johnny Depp), and a few commercials (that I have never seen that air outside my viewing area)

I love trying entertain to people and being on camera

What am I good at and worst at are: marching to the beat of my own drummer

I hope to get some good feedback on my projects, and hope to get to know others in the community and see what everyone out there is doing!

Tony W. Bennett
Actor/all around jack of all trades;master of none?

(Ray Robinson) #35

Hello everyone, here’s my New Here opening salvo!

Name: Ray Robinson
Location: Louisville, KY
Web series made (if any): Just started production on “Deliver Me!” (follow along on Twitter - @Deliver_Me_show)
Preferred film roles: for a web series, Writer, Producer and cameo roles
The film thing you’re best at: making something out of nothing
The film thing you’re worst at: fundraising

My Story: When my wife found out she was going to have surgery and be unable to do any work for two months, I knew I had to do something to keep us afloat financially. So I started taking up pizza delivery five nights a week on top of my normal 40-hour/week day job.Once she’d recovered and was able to go back to full-time work, I backed down to 1-2 nights a week.

Being a writer, I quickly realized that there was a wealth of stories - some comical, some touching, some odd - that I found myself in the middle of as I moved in and out of people’s lives. I shared my observations on Facebook for my friends’ amusement, and one of them said, “You should make movie about your experiences!”, and for a day I laughed that off. Then I realized that these snippets of life would work well as a series, so “Deliver Me!” was born.

“Deliver Me” will be a show about a pizza delivery driver and his experiences, based loosely off my own REAL experiences (but given a little flair). A blend of “Cops” and “The Office” in style, each episode will feature the driver’s thoughts to and from the delivery, what happens while there, and even a fun “after credits stinger”. On top of that, I’m funding the whole show with money from my pizza delivery salary and tips.

I’ve never done anything like this before, but so far the response has been wonderful. I’ve cast my lead actor - a local stand-up comedian that is game for about anything. I had auditions for all the other main roles last weekend with a solid turnout. I’ve even entered a media partnership with a company that created an app for delivery drivers to promote each other.

I hope of learn a lot from those of you with experience, plus wouldn’t mind exploring some more media partners in other web series’ where we promote each other to our respective audiences.

Thanks for reading, and creating!

(Sandwich Fam) #36

Hi everyone!

John & Lena here. We are long-time Stareable forum readers and first-time contributors! We’re thrilled to connect with you all here :slight_smile:

Name: John Krissilas & Lena Burmenko
Location: Toronto, Canada :canada:

Production company: Tomato & Cheese Productions
YouTube channel: Sandwich Fam

Web series made:

  • Nice Jim Diesel” (comedy) – 6 / 6 episodes complete
  • Marked” (sci-fi mystery) – 3 / 6 episodes complete

Marked Stareable Page:

Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc):
We’re both actors and filmmakers, so we’ve used our web series as platforms to showcase our acting and filmmaking to a wide audience. In “Marked”, we were both behind the camera AND in front of the camera, in addition to producing and worrying about all aspects of the shoot. This was exhilarating but also the hardest thing we’ve ever done :grin:

The film thing you’re best at:
Editing! We love the whole process and will spend 1-1.5 months editing each 20 min episode of Marked.

The film thing you’re worst at:
Giving up production control when in front of the camera. It was hard for us to let go of the cinematography and directing when acting, especially when we were BOTH in a scene together. We learned to eventually, and enjoyed being able to focus!

What we most hope to contribute here:
Advice and opinions wherever we can. We’ve spent almost a year making two series, after another year of indie short filmmaking, and we’d love to share our experiences here :heart_eyes:

Social media – you can connect with us here:

Instagram: sandwich_fam

We’re also on Twitter & Instagram under our individual accounts:

Thank you! Looking forward to reading and contributing!

(Stuck in a Story Productions) #37

Hi everyone!

1. Name: Sarah
2. Location: Canada (Toronto area)
3. Web series made (if any): Three! Charlotte’s Web Series, The Femmes Fatale, and Any Other Rosie which is currently airing (and almost over!)
4. Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): Writer! Though I also act as producer and director, and occasionally an actor if a role can’t be filled.
5. The film thing you’re best at: Being organized, creating film schedules, and being in contact with actors/crew,
6. The film thing you’re worst at: Having to make big decisions, transmedia, promotion.

We only have two more episodes of Any Other Rosie left! If you’d like to check out our playlist for it, you can do so here: []

You can also follow us on Twitter @siasproduction, Instagram @stuckinastoryproductions, and on Facebook.

Excited to get to know you all! :slight_smile:

(Bri Castellini) #38

Welcooooome to the foooorum!

(Michael Competielle) #39

Hello all SoundmanMike here.
I do Production and Post Production Sound for Indie Film, Web Series, Corporate Video and Emerging Media.
Working on Ghetto Nerd Girl, Herrings and Chronicles of a Profiler
My website is
If you need Sound Design or have sound issues/ needs reach out to me.

(Ghetto Nerd Girl) #40

Welcome friend!