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Thank you.

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Hello all!

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Name: Gina Surles
Location: Honolulu; semi-relocated to Asheville, NC
Web series: Creator/Writer/Producer/Actor - Triple Threat (1st two episodes)
Preferred film roles: Writer/Actor
The film thing you’re best at: Writing
The film thing you’re worst at: Asking people for money

I created Triple Threat as a participant in Creative Lab Hawaii, a one-year fellowship accelerator program. I financed the first two episodes myself and I’m in the process of raising funds for the next episodes, including an IndieGogo campaign. My series is an episodic comedy that targets women 50+ years old.

Triple Threat Sizzle Reel -

Triple Threat Episode 1 -

Hope to learn from some of you more advanced web content producers, especially areas of financing. Happy to be here!

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Erica, and I work as a Transmedia / Cross-Platform / Immersive and Interactive Storyteller.

Over the years I have worked in film and TV, as a writer for print media and digital media, and toyed a bit in theatre. In film, my roles have included Writing, Acting / Hosting, Creative Producing, and Digital Strategy and Community Building. I teach the digital strategy / storytelling side of what I do at BCIT in Vancouver, BC.

Myself and my team have been toying with the idea of creating web series spin offs from our travel and culture magazine,, for years. We finally released the first Season of the first of those series, Naturally Ours, this past Autumn. We are now hooked on web series - love creating them and enjoy watching them.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you around a love of web series here.


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Hi! I’m Terrence Edmonds from North Hollywood, CA. Creator of WICKED ENIGMA

I started out as an actor for tv/film and after a decade of learning on set, I’ve written, directed and now am producing my own series! I’m thrilled to be apart of Stareable and look forward to collaborating and supporting all my fellow creators on here!

If you’re currently obsessed with a TV show right now… WHAT IS IT!? I’m a sucker for UNREAL & 9-1-1. And my ALL TIME obsession is BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!


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Looking forward to meeting everyone on this site!! My new series is just starting the festival rounds now… we have our festival premiere next week at HollyWeb Festival 2018.

Danny Diaz
Denver, CO
The Reunion
Writer, Director
The film thing you’re best at is hopefully writing “super-dramatic” comedies.
The film thing you’re worst at is probably distribution.
Favorite Quote - about Buster Keaton “He could make miracles as easy as breathing”

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Hi all!

Long time lurker, first-time poster! I submitted the trailer for my first web series Hotel Ghost to the Canadian IPF’s funding contest, which ends today, and has been a wild ride, to say the least! (Thing I’m worst at definitely = self-promotion.)

Logline: a transient teen discovers a promising new haunt when a hotel housekeeper mistakes her for a ghost.

Any other IPF hopefuls in the house?

I’ve been slightly obsessed with Orphan Black as of late. I really love sci-fi/fantasy, and OB is the only show I can think of in this very broad genre with a female protagonist whose most important relationship is with another woman (as opposed to a male love interest, as in Hunger Games/Twilight/Buffy/Divergent etc.). I love this dynamic, and it’s part of the reason I made Hotel Ghost.

Feel free to recommend or give a shout out to other shows that fit this description. I’m sure they’re out there, and would love to find more!

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Yo everybody-

I’m David Huxiley, 21yo, and I’m a writer, director, producer, editor, visual effects and motion graphics artist, cinematographer and bohemian. (sometimes philosopher, but that depends on the wine)
Though I was basically born in a studio and my first little crappy movie was made at age 8, I’m a newbie reader and now newbie contributor of this lovely cozy community :slight_smile:
I’m also currently in charge of a production company with loads of TV, Web and Cinema projects going on! (time’s become a tricky thing to manage…) So any and all advice is welcome. Always. Forever.
Great to have you reading this, would love to connect with ya and perhaps make some stuff happen! :smiley:

Name: David Huxiley
Location: Brazil
Web series made: Finishing “Video Life” Scripts to start shooting this beauty! All test and experiment can be seen at my YT channel: (in fact, tons of weird shit awaits you there… Be careful… you’ve been warned)
Preferred film roles: Director, Editor, Writer - those are generally a single thing for me…- there’s also the DP role, which is fun, but I get myself always wasting time on details while doing it… but still, does that feel good…
The film thing you’re best at: How do you call “Finishing a project no matter what?” is that directing? producing? maybe both… seriously tho, no one beats my editing speed…
The film thing you’re worst at: Choosing talent. I’ll get better at that… I hope… perhaps the mighty light of Stareable shall shine over some enlightened beings :smiley:

Thanks for reading this nonsense and feel free to connect with me through

even email me if you have more serious stuff to talk about

Best of life, and keep making stuff.

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Teach me your “editing speed.” Ha!

(David Huxiley) #50

Just e-mail me and let’s get down to business! Lol

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Congrats on making it to the finals of IOWF!

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Hi all,

I am Shay! and I am new to the filmmaker community, which is why I joined this forum. I am based in NJ but close to both Philadelphia and NYC.

Currently, I am working on a web series and in need of guidance.
I prefer film roles requiring script writing and/or acting.

And to wrap up my introduction, one thing I am good at - I enjoy editing, both photos and film, as well as writing scripts. But, I can surely improve on directing and producing. But, we all have things that can use improvement, right? haha.

(Bri Castellini) #53

Let us know what you’re in need of guidance for, and we’ll try to provide it! And welcome!

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My name is Elaina, I’m based out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Currently I’m developing a web series, in the sense that I’m still working on scripts. Right now I’m in community college, which is just a transition period between film schools.

Right now, I mostly just do work on local sets as a PA, but I also like producing, in the sense that spreadsheets are kinda fun. I also like to write, and want to direct. Film-wise, I think my strong suit is writing. I definitely struggle with the technical aspects of it all, which is why I’m going to film school.

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Hayyyy you look familiar! :wink:

(Elaina Lee) #56

:smiley: Yeah! I didn’t want to clog up someone’s dash with a simple “OK!” response, but I really did appreciate talking with you! And this is such a neat website! I feel a lot better about coming here with questions, than pestering the industry people I have on my facebook :grimacing:

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Hey, I’m Ben! The first episode of my first series just launched this past weekend and I’m really excited to have found a community where I can come when I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything that goes into creating/promoting a web series!

Name: Ben
Location: Chicago
Web series made: My Death Co.
Preferred film roles: Writer, Producer
The film thing you’re best at: Writing
The film thing you’re worst at: Cinematography - seriously, do not give me a camera.

I look forward to meeting other filmmakers!

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Hello all,

My name is Dave Lepage. I am from North Port Florida and, I am the co creator, writer, producer and, director of Necessary Evil the series. It’s been a long, hard road but, we are too stubborn to quit. We just released episode 6 and episode 7 is shot and in the final stages of post production. Episode 7 will be released very soon. We are set to produce 12 episodes. We hope you will take the time to check it out and possibly subscribe? Thank you!


(Laura Pepper) #59


I’m Laura from RI, new to this community. Although I’ve had a youtube presence for several years, I launched webseries #1 late 2016.

“Stuff and Nonsense” is a comedy variety web series. Our first season consists mostly of 2 recurring sketches, “Orphanarium” and “Date-o-Rama v2.0”. You can check out eps here:

I am editing season 2 concurrently with webseries #2 “Friends 4 Eva”, a reality show spoof.

Yes, I am insane.


I jumped from 48-hour Film Projects (actually did 5 in one year), to my first feature. With an ensemble cast… And songs… And, I learned basic animation for the intro! #truestory

And…feature #2 is slated to be a full-blown throwback ‘technicolor’ musical. HAHAHAHAHA!

And, of course, I try to balance all this with a full-time job…

My most natural gift is writing - ironic, since most of “Stuff and Nonsense” has been improvised. So, I’m also really good at adapting & forging on! Otherwise, I’m good at editing - aside from my own projects, I’ve created demo reels for local talent.

I’m worst at creating reasonable goals. Everything’s been ensemble, with a lot of moving parts. I also struggle to find locations. Producing has been a necessity, though not my favorite aspect. Speaking of: I need to do some location scouting to finish “Eva”, but we have a few episodes in the can. I hope to release it later this year.

If anyone has leads in RI & MA for large, open-plan spaces, I’m all ears!

I look forward to interacting, learning, and, where possible, sharing my experience to help you on your own journeys!

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Hello all,

I’m new to Stareable and this cool community board. I am a standup comic and writer testing the waters with creating video web content. My comedic partner Mitch and I have started releasing 3 episodes weekly of our micro sketch series on the youtube and looking for feedback and criticism as we develop. This process is incredibly scary and we have no idea what we are doing in virtually all aspects of production. I look forward to exploring the available information this board has to offer, as well as checking out all of your creations.

Name: Mike
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Web series made: Two Straight Men
Preferred film roles: Writer/Actor
The film thing you’re best at: Realizing/Executing Concepts
The film thing you’re worst at: Time Management

Thanks for taking the time to read this.