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(Kathie Kelly) #61

Hi, I’m Kathie and I’m new to this site. I am a writer/director working on a climate-fiction (that’s “cli-fi”) thriller web series. Our website is
We’re trying to do science outreach with fiction to thwart the barrage of fake science and the attacks on the credibility of scientists, highlighting the dangers of political interference and budget cuts in climate science.

We would love to have folks join us. I attended one Stareable meetup and found the folks we met very friendly and upbeat. Nice group!

web series (in pre-production): An Unlikely Insurgency
my role: writer/director
location: Seattle, Washington
preferred role: writer/director
the thing you’re best at: directing
the thing you’re worst at: delegating

(Dario St Fleur) #62

[Hey guys,
I am a newcomer and an intern at Stareable I am a big fan of music, anime, poems and Tv show.]
Name Dario
Location: Brooklyn
Web series made (N/a)
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, composer etc)
[ Though I am fairly new to web series so far being at Stareable have been a great journey ]

(Bri Castellini) #63

Wooo everyone say hi to our awesome intern!! (on sadly his last day :frowning: )

(Jacqui Davis) #64

Hi! My name is Jacqui Davis (sometimes also show up as Jacqueline Davis) and I am a filmmaker from DFW, Texas. Primarily, I write, direct, act, occasionally do BTS photography, and am an Avid Media Composer Certified Professional. Here is my IMDB, if you are interested.

I’m working with a start-up indie company based out of Ft. Worth called Datalus Pictures and it’s subsidiary, PopNerdTV.

At the moment, my biggest project is Berenice and Irene that is being published on PopNerdTV’s Youtube and Facebook pages with one of my very good friends, Cierra Caballero.

The film thing I’m worst at is cinematography and gaffing.

(Mohau Phohole) #65

Hey guys!
My name is Mohau and I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Currently I’m working on my own independent webseries.
I’m an editor at heart and I also produce.
I’m worst at cinematography.

(Magdalena Waz) #66

Hi all,

My name’s Magdalena, and I’m in LA now but I’m fairly new here (<1 year). Recently, my main task has been releasing the first season of “My Astronaut,” a web series about a woman who is competing for a spot on a civilian mission to Mars and her boyfriend who doesn’t quite realize what a forever move to Mars might mean for their relationship. It was a lot of fun to make.

I’m basically a writer and producer (and actor now). I’ve had other roles on set, and I love anything in the art department, but I’m no cinematographer, and I can’t even flex a bicep, so anything to do with lugging heavy equipment is not for me, unfortunately.

For non-film things, talk to me about fiction, space/physics, impending environmental calamity, and cooking.

(lifecoachedseries) #67

Hey all, I am the creator of the webseries Life, Coached. We had a nice festival run that just ended in Miami. Shot the first two episodes with hopes of using them to pitch the show as a full length series but apparently that is damn hard to make happen, ha. So now we’re beginning to get together the means to shoot the rest of season one. Excited to have the show on Stareable now. Hope you all enjoy it.

Name: Joseph Mancuso
Location: new to LA. Lived in NYC for last 18 years. HUGE change, WOW.
Web series made: Life, Coached
Preferred film roles (Actor, Writer, Editor)
The film thing you’re best at: Creating relatable characters and Crushing Crafty
The film thing you’re worst at: Promotion

(Keith DiRienzo) #68

Keith DiRienzo
Web series made: The Spring Hill Players
Preferred roles: Actor
The film thing I am best at: Directing
The film thing I am worst at: Promoting

(Ian) #69

Name- Ian
Location- Sarasota, FL
Web series made (if any)- None
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc)- Writer, Director, Actor
The film thing you’re best at- Creativity
The film thing you’re worst at - Public Talking

I want to be a director of a web series. If anyone is in my area, please say something!

(Krista Hovsepian) #70

Hey, guys! I’ve been keeping an eye on the community and absorbing all kinds of great information from Stareable for a while… finally ready to jump in! Just launched Wholesome Foods, I Love You… Is That OK? - an offbeat dramedy about a neurotic yoga teachers who sets out in search of love at her favorite organic supermarket. LOVE that I finally have some time to better explore all of the awesome projects here.

Name: Krista Hovsepian
Location: LA and Toronto
Web series made: Wholesome Foods, I Love You… Is That OK?
Preferred film roles: Actor, writer, showrunner/producer
The film thing you’re best at: Multitasking - I wore every hat from lead actor to showrunner to craft on this project, and managed to keep the ship sailing along pretty smoothly. Creatively, I’m great at trusting my instincts/the process and just letting things flow.
The film thing you’re worst at: Delegating. Type-A right here :wink:

(Mary Mc Gloin) #71

Name - Mary McGloin
Location - New York City
Web series made (if any) - Lines & Asides (Pilot only), Tech Bettys (S1E1-3 in post)
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc) - Actor, Writer, Producer, Director
The film thing you’re best at - Acting
The film thing you’re worst at - Technical aspects of film

Hey there all! I am mainly an actor, but I also write, produce, and occasionally direct. A webseries I co-created is wrapping up post for our first 3 episodes, which we plan to use to get more funding to do the rest.

(Isabelle Pierre) #72

Name: Isabelle
Location: NYC
Web series made (if any): VOWS: The Series (currently crowdfunding)
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): actor/writer and now producer
The film thing you’re best at: acting
The film thing you’re worst at: marketing

the campaign for the pilot is currently up on seed&spark. i’m leaning a lot. vows is just the start for me. i look forward to creating more content.

really happy that i found stareable!

(Bri Castellini) #73

We’re happy you found us too! And hey, if you need marketing advice… #Film-School:i-hate-marketing

(Isabelle Pierre) #74

i’m all over that thread! thank you

(Alex G Smith) #75

Hi Guys!
Name: Alex (Alexandra) G-Smith
Location: North Hollywood, CA
Web series made (if any): "The Shoaks"
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): Prefer Acting, Writing, then Producing in that order haha
The film thing you’re best at: Acting & Writing, and extremely organized
The film thing you’re worst at: Patience

(Bri Castellini) #76


(Alex G Smith) #77

Thank You!

So heres a question: I submitted my show through this site, but I can’t figure out how to connect my web series with my Profile. Still learning but would love to figure that out. Thanks!

(Bri Castellini) #78

Right now you actually can’t link them, but we’re working on it! They’re technically separate websites at this point.

(Katie Orwig) #79

Name: Katie
Location: currently in Indy but originally from West Virginia
Web series made (if any): none, that’s actually what brought me here.
Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): my background in entertainment is mostly in live theatre and I prefer the Jack-of-all-trades method. I have done a bit of everything and specialize in several.
The film thing you’re best at: appreciating things for what they are and not projecting my biases onto them, knowing the difference b/w critique and criticism.
The film thing you’re worst at: experience in this specific element of entertainment, so: certain lingo, processes, resources, etc. Another reason I wanted to give this community a try.

(tony david) #80

Okay, so my name’s Tony David, (I have two first names, absolutely ridiculous I know) and I’m based in London.

I have created a six episode web series called “The Single” and I’m now in that weird place of NOT knowing what to do next really; it’s like I’m in a state of paralysis!!

I’m cameraman by profession for almost a million years so I do that easily but I love the writing process and directing too.

I have no intention of getting in front of the camera!

I guess the next step is promote, promote, promote but I need guidance here.

Do I set up a new facebook account completely or a page on my regular Facebook account? Do I create a blog. Will Tumblr actually do anything or instagram for that matter?

10 Things You Can Do For 10 Minutes To Promote Your Web Series