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(Marc Unger) #101

Hi my name is Marc Unger and I’ve been a comic, actor, writer, blah, blah and blah for a really long time. This past year my wife Maria and I created an shot an eight episode season of a comedy/drama called “Thespian”. I wrote, directed and play the lead role. It’s about an aging genX comic who after 25 years finds his career flatlined so…
Well, actually you can read about it here if you want. It’s work we’re extremely proud of and looking forward to sharing it with the world. Really glad I found this site and looking forward to both learning new stuff and sharing whatever it is I know. Oh, I’m from New York. Have lived in Chicago, LA and performed in 42 states. Currently in Baltimore but travel back to NYC every chance I get. Oh and here’s the trailer if you want to take a look. You can see this and more on our website.

(Bri Castellini) #102

Welcome! Also, congrats on being the 100th post in this thread! :slight_smile:

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(Jules Pigott) #104

Just realized that, despite the fact that I’ve been lurking a while and am even a Stareable intern now, I haven’t posted here!

My name is Jules, and I’m a teenage (though soon to be no longer) web series creator from NYC. I make web series majorly under the name Quip Modest Productions, and through that link you can find my series Twelfth Grade (or Whatever) and The Emma Agenda, both adaptations of classic literature, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Austen’s Emma respectively.

I also co-created the original fantasy web series The Uncanny Upshurs with my friend Ingrid Nixie Greep, which is currently almost at the end of its second season.

Upcoming, Quip Modest currently has two trailers out, one for Earnest 101 (an adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest), premiering September 3rd, and the other for The Best Wishes (which is based on an old British play no one seems to have heard of called The Way of the World), premiering October 2nd.

Glad to be here!

(Herman Wang) #105

Hey, my series The Spell Tutor has had some social media interaction with The Upshurs :slight_smile:


(Chris Shaw) #106

Hi all. New to Shareable here. My name is Chris and I’m from Essex in the UK. I have a webseries sketch show you can watch right here:

I’m a writer, director, performer and producer but I like to dabble in pretty much everything to be honest. The thing I do best in filmaking is writing I would say and my least favourite thing/worst thing I’m at is sound design. I’ll probs most likely lurk around these forums and occasionally post things from time to time

Nice to meet y’all

(Steven Bucky Butler) #107

Hello, my name is Steven Bucky Butler and I’m a writer/comedian. Here are my web series I created. Feel free to check them out.

(Matthew Jensen) #108


My name is Matt Jensen
I live in NYC
“Manhattanville” is the name of my web series
I prefer to operate in the producer/writer role, and I’ll act if the part is right.
I’m best at pre-production and production (getting the movie “in the can”)
I’m worst at post-production and distribution (getting people to see it)

(ChrisCross) #109


My name is Chris ! and im part of the MisfitsContentCreators
The team and I live in Dubai (UAE)
And we made our first webseries called “The Intern” Our attempt in creating a mockumentary using the mainstream genre of vlogs.
Im generally and all rounder in terms of roles but I am strong with:
Writing scripts/acting/DOP or Camera operator.
Im best at Camera or i strive to be best at it.
Im worse in directing or producing.

But yeah! Hello everyone!

(Larry Harris) #110

1.Name: ArieCan Productions
2.Location: Baltimore, Maryland
3.Web series made (if any): Chapter 2 ‘The Web Series’
4.Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): writer, producer, director, actor.
5.The film thing you’re best at: Directing maybe it’s because I’m an Aries but I love telling people what to do lol
6.The film thing you’re worst at: Editing I just don’t have the patience for it. My hats off to all of the editors out there.

(Dakota Cardinet) #111
  1. Purple Fist Pictures
  2. Twin Falls, Idaho
  3. Awkward Apocalypse
  4. I prefer Directing and Writing
  5. Best at uplifting crew moral, making sure everyone is doing good and feel welcome.
  6. Probably the worst at acting. I have my moments, if I’m cast right, but otherwise, forget about it.

(Patrick Ladonis ) #112
  1. Patrick Ladonis
  2. Atlanta, GA
  3. SCALES, The WEBSERIES on YouTube
  4. Writer, Producer, Actor
  5. Creating Content
  6. Telling people what to do

(Maissa Houri) #113
  • Name: Maissa
  • Location: Ottawa, Canada
  • Web series made (if any): currently in pre-production for my web series called Dirty Love.
  • Preferred film roles (writer, producer, director, actor, etc): Writer/Director/Actor
  • The film thing you’re best at: writing and directing
  • The film thing you’re worst at: probably editing or expressing how I want things to look.
    I have two short films under my belt that have won some awards. I’m really excited to showcase the web series because I am an Arab-Canadian actress, I was tired of auditioning for roles like refugees and whatnot. I created a role for myself that will showcase westernized Arabs. Its about diversity and it’s very inclusive.

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(Alejandro Morales) #115

Hey everybody! Really stoked to join the community here.
My name is Alejandro. I’m a Philadelphia comedian/producer/director/writer/elder millennial.

  • In 2014 I produced/directed a web series called Dates.
  • Before the election I acted in a web series called Canvass.
  • I currently have a new series in post-production called Sadulous, which I’m super excited/nervous/scared to finally share with the world this October.

I love being a part of a team and linking creative people together, and my weakness is in the marketing realm. I’m here so I can learn from all you folks, see everyone’s work, and prepare myself as best I can to release this precious baby of mine into the world.

(Yard Lion Films) #116

Hello everyone, the first time being a part of Stareable.

Name: Yarnel N
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Web series made: Starstruck GC, Starlene, TellyMime
Preferred film roles: Writer/Director, Producer
The film thing you’re best at: Editing
The film thing you’re worst at: Acting

(Maissa Houri) #117

Thank you! :heart:

(Herman Wang) #118

Hey, a fellow Canadian!

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(Carter Belanger) #120

Hey guys, I’m Carter Belanger, currently based out of Toronto, Ontario. (From North Bay Ontario)
I am the Writer/Director of “Davenport. Season 1”
A strange unnerving comedy about a man in a red turtle neck who lives with his silent assistant Carmichael.

I’d have to say my preferred film roles would be writing, directing and picture lock editing (I know thats cliche but hey, Im in it for the art and creativity, creativity is my obsession) I also do a bit of acting on the side (you can catch me in Episode 3 of the new Comedy crime show “Carter” starring Jerry Oconnell. I play Jimmy Hinton)

I’d say the film thing I’m best at is screen writing.
I’d say the film thing I’m worst at is working as an AD on set (horrible short term memory haha)

Check out my show on Stareable if your in the mood to be amused, delighted and very uncomfortable all at once. Cheers guys!