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(Alicia Carroll) #121

Hey y’all,
My name is Alicia, I am a writer-producer from the east coast but am currently based in LA. I come from theater and television production and used to work at NYTVF which is an AMAZING festival for you all to submit your series to :slight_smile:
I have produced a bunch of live events and theater and worked on films but my digital series, Fishing, will be my first episodic project that I’m helming on my own. I helped a bit with Twenty The Webseries, which is how I was introduced to Stareable along with an event @Bri_Castellini hosted. Excited to be here!

(Dane Bishop) #122

Hello everyone! I have lurked the forum for a while, thought I’d contribute for a change :slight_smile:

I do female-centric, adult themed animated webserials. I write and animate, though I could always use good female voices. Based in Dallas.

Here is a link. Looking forward to reading more about everyone’s work!

(Bri Castellini) #123

Welcome! Can’t wait for you to dive in!

(Stevie Jackson) #124

Hi everyone!

My name is Stevie, and I’m new to the forum but I’ve participated in some of the web series chats on Twitter (when my day job allowed). I’m based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and just created my first web series, called Honestly Charlotte (our pilot went up on Stareable a few days ago).

I’ve always considered myself primarily an actor, but it turns out I really love creative control so writing and producing my own work has been a fantastic experience - not at all easy, but very rewarding. I’d produced theatre before, but this was my first go at it in the film/tv world. I’m hoping to do more of all of it and looking forward to getting to know some like-minded folks.

Oh, and the thing I’m worst at? Publicity, for sure! :slight_smile:

(Yarnel Nicolas) #125

A bit more details:
I’ve wrote and directed a short film, and decided to develop remotely produced web series. Given the time and space on many projects, remotely produced concepts are a way to go. At least for me that is. I love to share and talk with you guys about producing and let me know in the comments. Thanks!