Article: Community-Driven Filmmaking: About a (Second) Micro-Budget Feature & How We Did It


(Bri Castellini) #1

This is a great article by our friend @Craia9! Check it out to learn more about micro budget filmmaking, being realistic while still shooting for the stars, and more!

(William E. Spear) #2

Terrific read and very accessible. While the entire article was informative, two sections and points stood out: 1) Alternative Compensation - “Everyone received the same day rate. The hierarchy was created via titles or screen time.”; and 2) Directing is in the Casting - “I follow my gut and a big part of directing for me is in the audition room when I see what an actor brings.” Christina @Craia9 please accept best wishes for success with ABOUT A DONKEY and beyond.

(Christina Raia) #3

Thanks so much, William!