Aside from Facebook and Twitter, where else do you attract new audiences? (Reddit?)

I’d really appreciate your responses.

I’m doing a lot of promo work on Facebook and Twitter but I feel like most of this is lost in the mass of posts or I’m not reaching my target audiences.

I’ve been networking on various Facebook groups - getting involved and supporting others (not just promoting) and done a few Facebook adverts. I also do regular Tweets but not had much engagement on there.

My web series was recently featured by The Snobby Robot too.

I know there are more things I could try on Facebook and Twitter, but I’m wondering if anyone could recommend something else e.g. Reddit.

Does anyone use Reddit? What’s it like?

I don’t feel I can get my head around Instagram at the moment, but is there anything else worth trying?

(By the way, my web series is The A to Z of Clueless Experts releasing on YouTube and is generally not getting traffic from YouTube search. Most traffic comes from Facebook.)

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I’ve found you can’t beat in-person opportunities. Since our series is Harry Potter-based, we try to get out to several fan conventions a year with a vendor table. People seem more likely to connect when they’re handed a promo card and have a conversation with someone about the fandom.

For your series, a list like this might be something to look at: YouTuber and Vlogger Events Taking Place This Year


Thank you. I could try some YouTube and ‘themed’ events.

You’re right - talking with people in-person works well. I’ve been to many actor/filmmaker networking events and generally given out flyers at any opportunity.

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I would recommend, prior to posting on Reddit, checking out this article: How To Authentically Engage In A Community (For Real)

Those are my best tips for Reddit. Also, check out Tumblr! It’s a little more hit or miss but I know @hiamandataylor has had a lot of success there tapping into fandoms


Where is your audience hanging out? Which platforms do they prefer to use? What I have realized is you need to address that first, rather than crossing your fingers and hoping to attract people amidst all the noise. Also, how is the engagement from the audience you have attracted so far? You can have a small, highly engaged audience and that is totally ok too.


Good questions… I’m trying to work this all out.
I agree that high engagement with a small audience is still positive.
Thanks :blush:

Hey Collene! I noticed mass marketing for web series doesn’t really work. My instagram account is going really well for spreading the word about my web series. I highly recommend using instastories and the live video feature. There is less noise on Instagram compared to FB & Twitter and you can easily engage with your followers. I hope this helps.


I’ve never really liked Reddit, but my friend whose podcast network I help run uses it and swears by it. He’s been able to engage with fans of the Venture Brothers show and as such our numbers for that podcast have done really well. For me, I don’t understand why the interface has to be so ugly, and the comment threads so difficult to navigate. I also don’t have a lot of time to devote so trying to get comfortable in the interface has always been a barrier for me.

But if you can get the hang of it and find a group in reddit, you can do pretty well for yourself.


Pretty sure I got someone to come to a show in Sydney with IG. At the very least, by hashtagging effectively I am able to reach new eyes and ears.


I just joined Reddit and it’s okay but there’s too many rules for sharing stuff, but marketing’s marketing I guess. Anyway I’ve included my Reddit link but otherwise if anyone else here knows of any other websites to attract new audiences that’ll be helpful for me too.

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Do live screenings