"Ave 43" Creator Justin Tanner - AMA

(Justin Tanner) #21

And just recently a friend donated a full light package and I can create various levels from supser bright to barely there.

(Bri Castellini) #22

Is this the first indie production you’ve done? For film, specifically. And what went into the decision to make it a web series versus a feature or a short?

(Justin Tanner) #23

I keep a very tight schedule. I write every week. I budget my time and I work really really fast

(Justin Tanner) #24

Everything is shot in my home so it makes it very easy - in certain ways

(Rick Samuels) #25

Yes, your cast is amazing. I recognize many of them from film and tv.

(Chris Hadley) #26

From your experience, how have you managed to keep Ave 43 going for such a long time (10 years) and on a consistent basis?

(Justin Tanner) #27

Yes first and only film/web show I’ve done. I wanted a continuous, inexpensive way to have all my friends over

(Joseph Steven Heath) #28

Just curious, what was the general process of being a staff writer?

(Justin Tanner) #29

The commitment of such great actors- The fact that it’s actually a party we have over here - (cocktails and food) The fun of it has kept it alive

(Justin Tanner) #30

Hard question to answer succinctly - Your in a room, you talk for hours about the season and the arcs and you then discuss each episode individually,breaking it down to its smallest part - then you break off and write an episode

(Justin Tanner) #31

Yes - I have a terrific company that all work on TV

(Chris Hadley) #32

Typically, what’s the production process like for Ave 43? How long does it take for you to script an episode, on up to shooting day(s)?

(Justin Tanner) #33

or most I should say

(Bri Castellini) #34

Has budget ever been an issue between you and your cast/crew, especially after so many seasons? That’s a conflict we’ve seen come up before in the community.

(Kate Hackett) #35

Hey Justin! I’m a fellow Los Angelino out here, working on web & digital (just had Classic Alice move onto Amazon/Amazon Prime) to try to elbow my face into rooms. You know.

I’d love to keep in touch – and if it’s not too bold, meet up? – and see if we can’t find a collab to work on, or even just swap war stories. Do you have a Twitter, or a way to touch base?

(Andy Steinlen) #36

I play sex-starved Phil on AVE 43 – and I can vouch for the fun – and cocktails,

(Justin Tanner) #37

The process is like this:
I check availability, and depending on who can make it, I structure that weeks chapter.
I write on Monday - try to send scripts on Tuesday. Film all day Saturday amd edit Sunday and Monday - Usually the chapter is ready by Wednesday

(Bri Castellini) #38

How did you get into that world/industry, and any advice for other writers looking to follow in those footsteps? Feel free to answer non-succinctly!

(Justin Tanner) #39

The bravest, kindest actor ever (and one of the best!)

(Chris Hadley) #40

What was it like working on Gilmore Girls, and what did you take away from that experience? How did you transfer that knowledge to making Ave 43?