"Ave 43" Creator Justin Tanner - AMA

(Justin Tanner) #41

I just fell into it. I had on the job training. For the first three chapters I had my finger over the microphone and I didn’t even know it!@

(Chris Hadley) #42

Have you had to coordinate long-distance production? If so, what advice do you have on how best to accomplish that?

(Justin Tanner) #43

Eventually I figured out where to put the camera and how to start getting better lights. My advice is. Do what you know. Do it cheap. Use your friends - Make it fun

(Bri Castellini) #44

To clarify- you fell into staff writing on TV? What contributed most to you getting in those rooms, in your opinion?

(Justin Tanner) #45

I have not - Everything is filmed in my house. So I walk from the kitchen to the livingroom to the bedroom and I’m done.!

(Justin Tanner) #46

Oh on tv!

I wrote a few hit plays that TV people saw and they started hiring me

(Justin Tanner) #47

In 1994 I wrote a play called Teen Girl and suddenly I was asked to write a bunch of teenshows

(Chris Hadley) #48

Hey Andy! waves Welcome! Great to see you, too!

(Chris Hadley) #49

Hey Kate! waves Great to see you here, too! Welcome!

(Meg Carroway) #50

That’s really impressive! Congrats! So your advice would be to be writing and putting your work out into the world and hope something connects? Is there anything more… targeted or active you would suggest, based on your experience?

(Justin Tanner) #51

Thank you NIgel. Kristian doesn’t like being in front of the camera!

(Justin Tanner) #52

Bite my nerf cannon.

(Bri Castellini) #53

What percentage of your cast/crew is personal friends that you knew prior to making the show?

(Justin Tanner) #54

I would say about 80 %

(Meg Carroway) #55

On the subject of tearful breakdowns… How do you deal with on-set conflict, when firing isn’t really an option and you don’t have the budget to reschedule?

(Justin Tanner) #56

I am terrible at marketing, hustling and getting the word out. I tend to just make art and see what lands. I wish I had more of the self promotion gene

(sam lockie-waring) #57

what have you learned from each successive season you’ve made? what can you recommend to other creators wanting to keep their content fresh after so many episodes and seasons?

(Nigel Leitch) #58

Blockquote[quote=“Justin, post:52, topic:1152, full:true”]

Bite my nerf cannon.

Tell him to get in front of the camera. You have used my insult in perfect context!!!

(Justin Tanner) #59

Iam old fashioned, contact me on FacebooK!@

(Chris Hadley) #60

Hey Meg! waves Welcome!