"Ave 43" Creator Justin Tanner - AMA

(Justin Tanner) #61

The premise of Ave 43 is that is morphs into a new configuration every season. Brothers play lovers and married couples turn into father and daughter - I change the rules as often as possible and since the show is really a place for the actors to have fun I give them strange stuff to do constantly

(Chris Hadley) #62

Since Ave 43 is a soap opera parody, were there any specific shows you wanted to poke fun at, or was it just a spoof of soap tropes in general?

(Justin Tanner) #63

My initial idea was to make Ave 43 into a movie preview that shows you the only movie. So it was all sensation - event event event, no set ups, no establishing shots just action

(Bri Castellini) #64

Was there ever a conversation about trying to package the show for a more traditional format? Or did you always intend on keeping it intimate and self-made?

(Justin Tanner) #65

eventually it turned into kind of a Mary Hartman, DavidLynch, John Waters, John Cassevettes thing.

(Bri Castellini) #66

Maybe @Andy90041 can speak to this question too :slight_smile: [quote=“Meg, post:55, topic:1152, full:true”]
On the subject of tearful breakdowns… How do you deal with on-set conflict, when firing isn’t really an option and you don’t have the budget to reschedule?

(Justin Tanner) #67

I would love to eventually have real sets and some money to play with but fornow - until it pops, I am happy to keep it as small as possible. Other than everyone volunteering their time,
the show costs ZERO dollars

(Justin Tanner) #68


It has only happened a few times. I actually in all these years only told one actor to leave my set.

(Justin Tanner) #69

It has only happened a few times. I actually in all these years only told one actor to leave my set.

Everyone knows how it works. YOu arrive. Run lines. Film for about a half an hour and then go. YOu will get as many takes as you need -

(Chris Hadley) #70

What tips do you have for anyone who hopes to work with well-known actors on a web series, as you have done, but who have little to no budget?

(Justin Tanner) #71

ONce I actually lied down and sobbed - after a paritcularly long day - But after five minutes I got up and started back

(Meg Carroway) #72

Why do you think you’ve had such low conflict? Do you think it’s about managing expectations up front, or do you just have really understanding friends?

(Justin Tanner) #73

I am efficient. I don’t waste anybody’s time. I work my schedules out so that nobody really ends up being involved for more than an hour or so. Plus we’re all great friends, and they trust me to make them look good

(Danny Schmitz) #74

My character, Shane has been on since episode 2 and has been a serial murder sex addict, talent agent, bar whore who once fell in love with his own brother

(Justin Tanner) #75

Write them something they really want to do. Something they haven’t played before. And then might them beautifully and work quickly - And if you can cook, make dinner.

(Kate Hackett) #76

Done and done.

(Justin Tanner) #77

And appeared naked

(Meg Carroway) #78

Do you ever worry that prioritizing efficiency means you have to sacrifice production quality, or do you build that into the kind of show you’re making so there’s less pressure to have perfect lighting/camera angles/etc? I worry about that all the time, even when I’m on top of my game and going as fast as I can.

(Chris Hadley) #79

Any suggestions on transitioning a web series from non-union to SAG-AFTRA?

(Andy Steinlen) #80


I’ve been on the show for 5 of the 10 years, and I can’t remember a whole lot of on-set conflict among the actors. Actors come and go – and usually come back again on this show. It’s a big happy dysfunctional family.