"Ave 43" Creator Justin Tanner - AMA

(Chris Hadley) #101

Fees, as in…?

(Justin Tanner) #102

Biggest challenge - getting people to watch the show.

(Justin Tanner) #103

And keeping my stamina during the long long shooting days

(Bri Castellini) #104

Fees as in the usual price for an actor’s time. You are required by law to pay union actors (that’s what the union is for) but in certain circumstances/with the right paperwork, you can waive those.

(Justin Tanner) #105

I do it all on paper - I make a grid with dates and actors and just put out a call

(Bri Castellini) #106

How did you end up overcoming (or learning coping mechanisms for) those?

(Justin Tanner) #107

IT takes about an hour of time for the actor, they have fun with their friends, I make them food and get them drunk afterwards, and I light them gorgeously and write them fun words. Yes - no one is maing a dime, but the trade off I think is good!

(Chris Hadley) #108

@Bri_Castellini Got it. Thanks Bri! Will keep that in mind! waves Great to see you here, and thanks for inviting me!

(Kate Hackett) #109

Paying actors.

(Justin Tanner) #110

The energy of the actors keeps me motivated.
And the cocktail hour keeps me focused.
I can’t stress enough - yes I think I am making great art but it’s mostly about having fun with people that I love!

(Danny Schmitz) #111

Acting is one of my many avocations. I like doing Justins plays and I love Ave 43 because it’s great to have dialogue written just for me and its a great way to work on how I come off on camera. In that was I imagine it is like soap work.

(Chris Hadley) #112

@HackettKate Understood. Thanks Kate! Great to see you here, too. waves

(Chris Hadley) #113

@Justin Best advice for writing jokes/dialogue?

(Justin Tanner) #114

LIsten all the time. I spent years taking the bus here in town. People are hilarious and strange, keep track of everything

(Bri Castellini) #115

Is there a particular episode, arc, or scene that you’re over-the-top proud of? More so than you’re proud of the show as a whole?

(Scampers) #116

Meow, Meow Meow Meow.
Meow,…Meow, Meow.

(Justin Tanner) #117

This particular season
The end of the world - nukes hitting Los Angeles storyline is my favorite so far

(Justin Tanner) #118

Meow meow meow you’re going to die, meow meow

(Justin Tanner) #119

Chapter Seven is also really a highwater mark

(Justin Tanner) #120

I loved the Borrego family - the Spanish version of the Sopranos