"Ave 43" Creator Justin Tanner - AMA

(Bri Castellini) #121

Oh snap. Is there a story end in sight, or are you planning on continuing to make new seasons until it stops being fun?

(Chris Hadley) #122

Favorite character(s) to write for?

(Justin Tanner) #123

We will be filming this until we are all using walkers

(Justin Tanner) #124

I love writing for Viv and TJ

(Justin Tanner) #125

The trashier characters
I also love putting Phil in bed with someone new all the time

(Diamondback Annie) #126

Ave 43 is always an action packed ten minutes! The short format leaves little room for waste. Are there rules of thumb you use to help pare down all the material shot into this succinct time frame? How to you still allow the finished product to “breathe,” so it doesn’t feel frantic?

(Bri Castellini) #127

What else are you working on right now that you’re excited about?

(Andy Steinlen) #128

It’s always much appreciated. xo

(Justin Tanner) #129

I will drop whole story lines if needed in order to let something breathe -
I try to cut out the ‘air’ as much as possible, or use a kind of shorthand montage effect in order to fast forward time. Since I don’t need to use establishing shots except rarely, things can move very fast

(Justin Tanner) #130

My new play El Nino is going up at The Rogue Machine Theater in Hollywood in January -
My play Heartbreak Help is getting a revival in September - I have written a pilot -

(Bri Castellini) #131

Do you watch other web series? What are some of your favorites?

(Meg Carroway) #132

Do you have an agent? How did you get one?

(Chris Hadley) #133

Hey Annie! waves Great to see you here! Welcome!

(Justin Tanner) #134

I have an agent- I got one by writing a few hit plays in town and then getting a TV deal at UNiversal back in the 90s

(Justin Tanner) #135

Chloe Taylor, who plays Debbie on Ave 43 has a very funny show called “Mop and Lucky” about amateur sleuths - love it!@

(Justin Tanner) #136

I tend to watch lectures from college campuses on Youtube more than dramas

(Meg Carroway) #137

Any advice for reaching out to agents, if you have a portfolio of writing you’re proud of and some completed web/short film projects to showcase?

(Bri Castellini) #138

If anyone else is interested in checking this out:


(Chris Hadley) #139

THE MOP AND LUCKY FILES is a great show. I covered it for Snobby Robot (web series blog) a few years ago.

(Justin Tanner) #140

Chloe Taylor is a great actor, friend and drinking buddy!