Average cost of camera rental?

(Jaime Lancaster) #1

I’m trying to make an expected budget for an upcoming project and I was wondering if anyone here knew general camera rental rates? For a really basic package, just camera (no tripod or rig or anything) for a 5 day shoot. Open to all kinds of camera types because I don’t know much about that either!!

(Bri Castellini) #2

Uh having never rented a camera I’m not sure personally, but I’ll tag @HackettKate @hermdelica @ZackMorrison18 @RobbieRuviews @Kweighbaye @OSTSG @DarekKowal @mdec24 and @alwaysafilmgeek and also anyone else with thoughts!!

(Kate Hackett) #3

That varies SO WILDLY. Call rental houses and get quotes.

(Emma Drewry) #4

i genuinely have never seen anyone try to rent just a camera and not a full set of equipment, and it depends on the type of camera you need, your location, and if you can get access from a school or if you’re renting from a professional company. i’ve seen students in la pay close to $2k for a full set of television-grade equipment for a week long shoot, but you never know

(Robbie Ru) #5

It depends on the company and the camera you want. It could get as high as $350/day! Where are you located? I know of some rental places, but they’re here in Chicago.

It could be worth it if you want to get great image quality without buying a camera outright.

Some cameras to consider: DSLRs are great, low cost, good quality but you’d want to make sure to get some good lenses to make sure it looks great. The RED has it’s own, great look but is quite expensive. Canon C100 could be a great option as well.

I’d love to help more but would need more info!

(Jaime Lancaster) #6

This is really helpful- thank you! And thank you everyone- I guess I have to actually call some people now

(Herman Wang) #7

Just my two cents: I bought a camera because I knew it would be cheaper and easier in the long run than renting all the time.

Plus you get more consistent footage when you know the camera well.

(Robbie Ru) #8

You’re quite welcome! Feel free to keep me updated as you come closer to a decision!

(Tyler Meacham) #9

Definitely varies. We had a suuuper low budget on Library Freaks (only $1000 for rented gear :astonished: ) and used BorrowLenses for a lot of our stuff since there weren’t a lot of rental houses nearby. We started by finding the camera that was best suited for the production (Sony alpha series) and searching from there. There’s a feature on their site where you can enter a custom rental period in your search and get a bunch of different quotes all at once. Also they do a lot of promo code type things which helps a lot if you’re going to be renting more than one item from them. So for our production, we rented the Sony a7s for a month for about $450.

(Ty Hunt) #10

Yup. I’m right there with you. PLUS, I actually started losing jobs b/c people wanted me to come with the camera gear.

And the final kicker was when I looked at the rental rate per month vs. me owning it (financing it) per month. The math was actually cheaper for me to finance it instead of continuing to rent.

(Ty Hunt) #11

Some other options (depending on where you’re located) is Sharegrid.com and Kitsplit.com. Both are peer to peer gear rental sites.